Star Wars - The biggest mistake of the Star Wars universe

Star Wars is one of the most popular movie series in cinema history and a true pop culture phenomenon. Millions of fans around the world are lining up to enter the cinema room and watch another scene from the universe. Just the announcement of another project, which will take place “a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away” is a big event for them.

Unfortunately, in the individual films of the series there are also moments that can be considered a very poor choice for the creators, as well as situations that can piss the audience off, shatter and infuriate. It’s usually about scripted solutions that make a good movie turn into something boring.

Unfortunately, such moments have occurred in the history of Star Wars films. There were also some production errors in the single scenes. In the gallery below, I’ll give you the biggest Star Wars movie show mistakes, considering the creators’ poor choices and poor production moments. I invite. This is, of course, an objective arrangement. Write in the comments what you will put on your list.

Star Wars – Wrong Scenario and Creative Choices

Star Wars – Production Errors

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