The Masters translates from singing "My Wife" in "A Case for a Reporter": "It was a reminder of the happy moments."

a program Elżbieta Jaworowicz Every cable TV owner in Poland knows the “correspondent case”. No wonder, given the fact that the format was broadcast almost Four decades. Although human drama will be the main theme in each episode, the producers “make the time more enjoyable” for viewers and affected characters. Recently, this “nice time” is mainly about listening Disco polo stars.

It hasn’t been any different lately when he was in “A Case for the Reporter” hosted Pawe Jasionowski from Team Masters. The performance by a monopolistic person, given what is happening in the program, would not be anything unusual, if not for a very poor repertoire. burnt to Mrs. Marina, whose husband makes contact with children difficultThe group leader sang a song “my wife”. The woman – unlike the satisfied Jaworowicz – was so embarrassed that She could not stand and cried.

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As you can imagine, after the episode aired, it fizzled out. Netizens did not hide their indignation at the lack of feeling on the part of both the production and the Masters group. Suddenly the team manager decided to address all this confusion. Marek Kosinski He does not see anything inappropriate in his client’s performance.


Our work is aimed at all those who love to have fun. We always have a good message. It’s hard for anyone to sing and cry Simply explains. Regarding this particular case, you can’t handle it in such a way that the song only has bad links. Because if this lady has been living with her partner for many years, it means that there were also good times between them, and it wasn’t a tragedy all the time.. Bowie invited her to listen to this piece so that she can reflect on these good times – Explains Marek Kosinski in “Blegada”.

The Masters director actually sees only one problem with this situation, and that is the viewers’ attitude. He explains that there is no point in looking for a hole in the whole, but accepting that disco-polo is being played in “A Case for a Reporter”, because it is for the sake of the characters.

Our observations did not show that it was a tragedy for her but A reminder of the good times she spent with her husband. This is how you should approach this, not wonder if it should be done. My position is that they should be there to make people happy and good energy to make them happy – He explains, arguing that the song “My Wife” was said more than once that it reconciled the quarreling spouses:

“My Wife” has become a hymn to married couples, and there is no Polish wedding without it. There was a moment when Bowie said that the disputing partners had agreed on this piece, that they had forgotten the bad things, and that they shook hands. People often thank us for this song, and say they need it. Here, too, we had such an assumption. Unfortunately, not everyone perceives it that way – Argues and indicates good faith, expressing incompetence regarding reception of performance:


The idea of ​​the production was to finish this situation with a nice touch, not “digging”. It must be said clearly: We are here to give people happiness and joy. We are not a cabaret that makes fun of anyone. We make dance music that people should enjoy. Unimaginable otherwise! And if someone sees it differently, what can we do? That’s what people are, that’s all.

Kłosiński notes that editing the format may be responsible for viewers’ reactions and stresses that the situation does not discourage them from appearing on TV:

Of course, we will accept this invitation againBecause we are for all, we don’t play for the elect.

In the end, the representative of the band clarified that Marina, despite her tears, was satisfied with the “concert”:


We reached out to this woman on the sidelines before and after the show. She was so cute, she wasn’t spitting poison at us, “What is this stupid thing?”. On the contrary, we were very happy to talk to her for a while, and she was eager to take pictures with us. We did not feel harassed or angry in any way from her. There is certainly nothing wrong with us in this performance – Persuade.

Looking forward to the next attractions that the producers of “Sprawy dla reportera” have prepared for viewers?

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