“Maybe this film will finally put an end to sweeping this history under the rug, because there is still a conspiracy of silence,” said Marcin Koschalka, director and cinematographer, who spoke to Piotr Jacon about his latest film on Without Politics. “White Courage” presents the history of Juralienvolk, the collaboration of a small part of the Highlanders with the German occupiers during World War II. Koszałka mentioned attempts by some members of the local Podhale community to prevent production. – They wrote to the Minister (Culture – Editor) Glinsky. They even received support from a professor who is on the academic council of the Bodhali People's Association, and the Bodhali People's Association issued a statement saying that he was against the film. Koszalka said that Glinsky rejected these messages. But ultimately, the film will not have its official premiere in Zakopane. – I took it calmly. It won't be, it won't be. This was expected, commented the manager. But he added that he wanted to know the opinions of the people of the highlands and some of them responded positively to his film.

Koszałka also spoke in the interview about his difficult relationship with his mother. He showed this 25 years ago in the famous autobiographical documentary “I Gave Birth to Such a Beautiful Son.”

The director admitted that this relationship makes him still fear criticism. My mother kept proving to me that I would never achieve anything in life. That I will be zero. “No one will take me for anything,” Koszałka said. He also mentioned psychotherapy. -I think if they treated me completely, I would lose any sensitivity to the film. Admit that this kind of suffering, pain or negative emotions is also a bit of adrenaline.

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