Nothing Soup (2021) - Review Opinions about the movie [Kino Świat].

There are comedies in which the characters actively try to make us laugh with their strange behavior or what they say – this is their goal. They are boring, they are disgusting and so on. we will, “nothing soup” It certainly does not belong to this trend. Kinga Dębska’s new film is somewhat similar to Marek Kotersky’s paintings. The characters presented in it are not comedic at all, and their lives are just streaks of tragedy after tragedy. But we laugh because these unpleasant events don’t happen to us. Or at least not anymore, because those times are already gone, and hopefully they won’t come back. So we also feel the warmth of some kind of nostalgia. After all, later, only those best moments are always remembered.

Nothing Soup (2021) – movie review [Kino Świat]. They love and hate each other

Tadek (Adam Woronowicz) is a building designer in communist Warsaw. It is a decent business, however it is not very successful. He is very honest, he lacks attraction. And he likes to drink a lot. His wife, Ella (Kinga Bryce), works in a hospital and is simultaneously active in a solidarity organization. None of them were outside at all, they had no car or plot of land or actually anything but themselves. They also do not like each other. They argue almost all the time, Ella threatens to divorce him, and they both lay big eyes on the other men and women, and then they reconcile and have sex very loudly, which two daughters (Barbara Babis and Elijah Warsuka) and their mother living with (Ewa Wiśniewska) have to listen to ). During the show, which lasts just over 90 minutes, we’ll see a part of their life together – how they’ll fight with Ellie’s brother for the second time, how they’ll get a car, how they’ll celebrate their birthday, and how he’s going to try to make some extra money fast.

Not all stories featured in the movie are of the same level. Sometimes the joke presented is not really fun. Every now and then a topic is presented that has no further development and just serves to laugh and remind you that it was just like that. However, this must be admitted nonetheless “nothing soup” It’s a typical memoir, so it doesn’t get to any specific end, but you can talk about some kind of plot progression. It begins with a visit to Zenek (Rafał Rutkowski), Ela’s brother, who is doing incomparably better in life than his sister. Of course, alcohol, diametrically opposed opinions and income disparities quickly lead to a quarrel that can be considered a catalyst for further events. Both Ela and Tadek desire more than life, so for the rest of the movie, we’ll follow their path toward something along the lines of prosperity.

Nothing Soup (2021) – movie review [Kino Świat]. She was!

The most enjoyable element of Dębska’s film is undoubtedly his devotion to the times shown. The part of the audience that has already experienced communism will feel a strange nostalgia at the sight of the panels adorning all the apartment walls, and coupons for a young child who does not want to smoke whenever you need it most. They’ll be glad they don’t have to queue to the store, “because they’re throwing out merchandise on Monday”—and you never know what kind of merchandise they’ll be on, but when you’re first, something nice will surely come across. Unfortunately, such a strong emphasis on the realities of those years is a kind of double-edged sword – on the one hand, society, as we have long known, is a real breeding ground for perfectionism, in the past, jokes. On the other hand, some of these potentially humorous scenes can be summed up with a short “Okay, that’s how it was” and totally missing the right tone. In some places, I found myself seeing the action on screen a bit too realistic for my taste.

Impeccable movie acting. Even small roles, like the overweight-hating PE player Kamil Boussac, are both comical and scary at the same time. Kinga Preis with very elegant proportions presents the delicacy and solidity of his character, and Adam Woronowicz is a typical uncle – calm water, but at the same time a first-class womanizer and chlorine. But not too aggressive, but lovable with buttery eyes. Grandma Ewa Winifska tells her grandchildren stories from the Warsaw Uprising rather than bedtime stories, basically steals every scene she plays, and the girls do a pretty decent job, even considering their age.

by choosing “no soup” To the cinema (and it is worth going, after all, good Polish comedies have been a rarity in recent years), it should be remembered that this is not a typical plot written for three acts. It is simply a collection of short scenes from the life of one of countless dysfunctional Polish families. Perhaps here you will find a reflection of yourself and your loved ones, and you certainly know someone who is at least similar to you. Its strength lies in the absurdity of the times in which the heroes of the film live, although not every scene hits a sore spot. However, it is just a nice comedy with a big heart. A good remedy for the disease approaching the end of summer. I recommend.

Note: The movie is scheduled to premiere on August 27.

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