Vaccine status: Guillome Lame-Divirj clarifies his status |  Corona virus

To date, I have not shared or taken a position on my vaccine status or anyone else in the media., The actor said in a letter to the media.

Whether or not he was vaccinated Personal and confidential information should never be found in the public arena, He argues in his discussion.

According to Press, Guillome Lame-Divirj was to direct the episodes of this series District 31 This fall. However, his non-vaccination status would have prevented him from getting the contract, which would have required him to work closely with the cast, according to a daily quoted source.

To this day, I continue to learn about vaccines and their effects.

A quote:Guillome Lame-Divirge, actor and presenter

The 45-year-old actor and presenter says he wants to get A vaccine With that he felt comfortable, which will be available in September. This indicates that the approval for this product has been postponed, without naming any vaccine.

He says he has to defend his purpose Protecting others is a priority.

Hyundai Canada, for which Guillaume Lame-Divirge has been the spokesperson for more than ten years, Disagreement with stated opinions To the actor as reported in Press.

After the release of the report, the company asked Mr. to clarify its position. Jennifer McCarthy, Hyundai Canada’s Director of Public Relations, said Lemay-Divirje was involved.

Radio-Canada, broadcasts District 31, Did not want to comment on the Guilloma Lame-Divierge case. A spokesman said CBC / Radio-Canada was compliant Strictly To provincial and federal public health guidelines, and to encourage its staff to be vaccinated.

A case-by-case approach, the UDA says

In the interview All morning, Friday, Artists Association President (UDA) Sophie Pregent did not want to comment directly on the case. However, he noted that this is the purpose of his organization There is no need to respect personal opinions and individual freedoms, [mais] To see the safety of a large number of artists.

As long as I can not protect myself, the person in front of me, for example, playing a love scene or singing face to face, should be guaranteed to get his duplication. Vaccine, Said Sophie Pregent on Patrick Muspurian’s microphone.

Sophie Present

Photo: Radio-Canada

He bases his comments on one part Health Quality Guide for the Arts, Performance Theaters and Cinemas – Govit-19 From the Standards, Balance, Health and Workplace Safety (CNESST) Committee, it read somewhat in the air: To meet the needs of the guide […]The employer must ensure that his workers are adequately vaccinated.

The UDA does not require its members to be vaccinated. It acts as a mediator in potential conflict situations between productions and artists.

A shooting that takes place in a crisis area as a hypothesis by the head of the UDA is a case that justifies the imposition of adequate vaccination for professional need.

On the contrary, Someone who will be a host, who can be isolated from others, respects distance, with the assurance that he will wear a mask when things don’t work out, Should not experience the effects of a contract according to the UDA.

The union has a duty to protect artists regardless of their opinion, Says Sophie Pregent.

With information from Louis-Philippe Oimet.

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