The second season of "Happiness" comedy is more "biting"

It’s an open secret: the comedy “Le bonheur” will return for a second season on TVA next January, and author François Avard promises a more “biting” sequel.

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A truly popular hit, the Millionaire series (Numeris’ confirmed figures show an average of 1.9 million viewers in the first episode on January 5) will therefore continue beyond the end of the first edition airing this Wednesday.

Author Fran பிரான்ois Award, who will be signing speeches with Daniel Cognon, told Agencies QMI that he would like to pay the bill because of the lack of “raising shields” on tone and the topics discussed so far.

“We’re going to go further and further, more and more in the bite. [brasser] The world, ”he said, revealing that the first three chapters of the series have already been written.

“The world has the potential to take on more than we think. Can we say everything jokingly? I think so! We are looking for so many careers that we can not say for ourselves. We may fall into disgrace, but try to be more shocked by social events. […] We want to be shocked by what we say, not by showing. Shock with reflections, the world around us, more than vulgarity, racism, diversity, unnecessary indecency.

Where is the happiness, where is it?

Franுவாois (Michael Charett) and Melanie (Sandrin Bison) will have to make big decisions about their future in Wednesday’s final. Their life has become a real hell since Franுவாois left his teaching job and went to the countryside to impose this plan on his girlfriend and their son Etienne (Sam-Eloi Girard) who are addicted to social networks.

The inconvenient mother-in-law Carol (Louis Bombardier) financed the purchase of the family farm house called the Basin, which she had to repay.

Franசois Awards said the couple would stay in the countryside, where he “would sink even deeper” in his dream of no peace. Franுவாois and Melanie actually live near the most stinking pigsty in the land of Hydro-Quebec (including their toilets and refrigerators!) And ATVs and Sky-ducks making their engines sound like hell.

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Carol Ann is back!

All of the main characters will return, including Plot Jocelyn (Guillois Zire) and Franுவாois’ former school colleagues Serge (Laurent Bouquin), Daniel (Fran்கois Sr.), Eric (Mark Fornier) or Judith (Mary-Jonny). Boucher).

“Usually there are characters who don’t come back, but we loved them so much, they come back,” said the author, especially the outspoken funny real estate broker Carol-on Lapoint-Saint-Jack (Monica Pylon) who gets the most generous scores. Carol-on was hired by Patrick Howard and his condo was put up for sale on “La Tour”, thus he entered another TVA show. The buyer of the carol-on discovery, Patrick, will succeed in leading this daily meeting, which is dedicated to open and transparent discussions.

Produced by Etios Productions and co-produced by TVA and Quebecor Content, the comedy “Le bonheur” airs every Wednesday at 9:30 pm. The closing of the first season takes place this evening.

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