June 9, 2023


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Political History at 98.5 |  Bernard leads Jonathan Trudeau on the train

Political History at 98.5 | Bernard leads Jonathan Trudeau on the train

After a surprise return in September, Bernard Trainville signed his last political column on Thursday morning. Because you have to wake up, At 98.5 waves. Host Jonathan Trudeau will be in charge when the holidays return.

Henry Ollet-Vesina

Henry Ollet-Vesina

“Thanks to those who listened to our talk at 7am, it was a meeting for whom. Thank you so much for being there, ”said Mr. Trainville said at the end of his last paragraph.

He underscored that he had “forged a real bond” with patron Paul Arkand, whom he lovingly thanked. “Sometimes people will say to me: ‘Is that true, you’re also arkant? It seems like you have Fun. Yes, we had to adjust along the way, it’s normal, but yes, we had fun doing this column together, ”said the main character, who still has his show from the same Kojeko network this afternoon.

Bernard Drainville also offered heartfelt thanks to them Because you have to wake up, Alexandra, Liz, Jessica, Richard, Johnny, “and all who endured me”.

“You are a great team. I won’t get bored getting up at 4am, but I miss you. Hello everyone, ”he concluded.

Paul Arkand, he wanted to thank his columnist “in the name of the hearers.” “First, this first column in April 2017, it was not planned after this revenue (in September). I know you had other career choices, and that pile still accepts coming and sitting here every morning, ”Mr. explained. “You knock, come home, you know the way.”

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Jonathan Trudeau will take the place of Bernard Trainville when he returns from vacation starting in January. Host on FM93, Mr. Trudeau is a political columnist for the magazine Le Phil in Novo’s Airways. Wrote in the past on the pages of Journal of Montreal And participated in the show from time to time The Just, At LCN Airways.

The new columnist admitted on Twitter on Thursday morning, “Bravo du Bernard for his exceptional mission, it will not be an easy task to follow him.