Close.  In this country, all restrictions have been lifted

The accelerating fourth wave of the coronavirus means that more and more entrepreneurs are concerned about seeing a possible shutdown and tightening of restrictions already in place. Meanwhile, a decision was made in one of the European countries to lift all restrictions related to the epidemic.

Close. In this country, all restrictions have been lifted Source: Sharq News, Photo: Solian Vavnik


All restrictions related to the pandemic COVID-19 It will be lifted on Saturday at 4pm – Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg announced during a press conference Friday. They will feel the biggest changes fans. The Norwegian government’s decision means that they will be accepted into all sports facilities without restrictions.

On Friday, 561 days passed since the imposition of restrictions and the practical closure of Norwegian sport. From Saturday, we will be able to lead a normal life and there will be no restrictions on the public in all sports arenas – said Solberg.

The Norwegian media reports that the Prime Minister there is a special fan of Bran Bergen.


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Norway’s Minister of Culture and Sports, Abed Raja, stressed during the conference that next Saturday will be a “big day” for local sports. The politician added that fans had felt “painful limitations” over the past year and a half.

Big celebration of sports

“Saturday will be the football holiday in Norway and the stadiums will be full for the last 18 months,” says Leif Overland, director of Toppfotball, an organization associated with football clubs.


“Football without fans is not the same game and experience as the stands,” said the director of the football organisation.


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