Facebook is in the crosshairs!  A continuation of the known hit is created

Aaron Sorkin, who won the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for 2010's “The Social Network,” has confirmed he is working on a sequel to the critically acclaimed drama.

The new work is intended to be a spiritual successor, not a direct continuation of the story of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook.

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Sorkin, known for his sharp writings and deep insight into contemporary issues, this time focuses on the events of January 6 – the storming of the US Capitol building.. The director did not reveal details, but he suggested that Facebook had a hand in these events, saying: “Yes, this is what I will write about. I blame Facebook for January 6.”

Aaron Sorkin criticizes the company for adapting algorithms to promote information that was intended to divide people, which increased their engagement on the site. It indicates the imbalance between growth and integrity in the company's operations Zuckerberg could choose to make less money in exchange for greater honesty.

once upon a time Quentin Tarantino called “The Social Network” the best film of 2010. Sorkin now has a chance to surprise fans once again. Will Jesse Eisenberg return as Zuckerberg? Will David Fincher agree to direct? These questions remain open, but one thing is certain – the sequel to “The Social Network,” even if indirectly, will be a hot topic in cinema and social media.

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