The A2 motorway heads east.  The European Union provided funding

The contract covers a 37.43 km section between Mińsk Mazowiecki and Siedlce. The investment will contribute – as the ministry indicated – to “increasing safety, shortening travel time, reducing the risk of accidents, as well as reducing exhaust and noise emissions in Mazovia Governorate.”

It was added that the section under construction is located in the TEN-T core network in the North Sea-Baltic Corridor. The total value of the investment is PLN 637 million, including EU financing worth PLN 234 million.

Route of the A2 motorway


The project will include, among others: three road intersections (“Groszki”, “Gręzów”, “Swoboda”), a national road (DK2) with associated technical infrastructure; Necessary engineering structures (including bridges, viaducts and culverts). In addition, the investment includes the reconstruction of intersecting roads.

According to the information, the investment is located in the governorate. Mazovia Voivodeship, in the city of Siedlce, in the districts of Minsk, Wijerov and Siedlse, in the municipalities of Kaluszyn, Mrozi, Gribkov, Kotun, Mokopodi, Skorzec and Siedlse.

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