Trading ban on Sunday.  Will stores be open on April 28?

On Sunday, April 28, stores will be open. This is one of the exceptions stipulated in the law.

The possibility of opening larger stores on the last Sunday in April is one of the exceptions included in the regulations limiting the activities of commercial establishments. The following trading Sundays fall this year: June 30, August 25, December 15, December 22.

Due to the upcoming Labor Day holiday, some food markets will be open longer on Sunday. Chains encourage you to check individual branches' opening hours on their websites, as their hours may vary. Some stores will be open until the 22nd.

In the case of franchise chains, the franchisees will decide when to close the store.

Trading on Sundays and holidays in 2024Door / Maciej Zielinski

Trading ban on Sunday. Exceptions and penalties

The law imposing a gradual ban on Sunday trading entered into force on March 1, 2018. As of 2020, the trading ban applies only on seven Sundays a year: the last Sundays of January, April, June and August, as well as on the last Sundays. The Sunday before Easter and the two following Sundays before Christmas.

The Law Restricting Trade on Sundays provides a list of 32 exceptions. The trade ban does not include, among other things: postal activity if the revenues from this activity constitute at least 40%. Revenues from the sale of a specific facility. Furthermore, this does not apply to sweet shops, ice cream parlors, liquid petrol stations, flower shops, newsagents or cafés. The penalty for breaking the trading ban on Sunday is PLN 1,000 to PLN 100,000. A fine of Polish zlotys, and in case of continued violation of the regulations – a penalty of restriction of freedom.

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