Damien Zapat, President of eobuwie.pl

in the message eobuwie, pIt was announced that Damien Zabiat was appointed on Tuesday to the company’s supervisory board, and on Wednesday he was authorized to serve as president. It was announced that Zappa’s main objective would be to promote the company’s strategic development, including projects in overseas markets.

Damian is a very experienced manager, who in recent years has successfully managed the largest e-commerce technology company in Poland. We are convinced that it will strengthen the eObuwie.pl position both in the field of management, the implementation of more strategic projects and an ambitious growth plan abroad – explains Dariush Michik, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of eObuwie.pl and the main shareholder. CCC.

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– eobuwie.pl is a unique company that has achieved great success not only in Poland, but also at the international level. With the support of our shareholders, CCC Group, Polsat, A&R and global technology fund Softbank, we will continue the company’s dynamic growth strategy and invest in its international development – announced Damien Zapat.

– We will focus on expanding the offer and making it more attractive to our customers, incl. By developing the Modivo brand. Our priority is also to strengthen the resource and technology team, and to develop fast and cost-effective logistics, which are the most important links in e-commerce. Later this year, we will launch a logistics center in Bucharest, he says.

Damian Zapłat moves to eObuwie.pl from Allegro.pl

Previously, for about four years, Damien Zapat was a member of the board of directors and chief commercial officer of Allegro.plLeaving this company last week. There, he was responsible for the day-to-day management and strategy development of the commercial district, focusing on delivering the best possible offers and shaping a positive shopping experience for the platform’s customers.

Previously, for about three years, Damien Zabit was president of First Data Polska, which owns the Polcard brand. Prior to that, he was the Managing Director of Loyalty Partner Polska, and was responsible for, among other things, the development of the Payback loyalty program.

In 2008-2010 he was a partner at McKinsey & Company, specializing in the financial services market, private equity, consumer goods and retail businesses. Zapłat is a graduate of Europa Universitaet Viadrina in Germany and also completed his MBA studies at INSEAD in France and Singapore.

Marcin Grzymkowski, former head of eobuwie.pl

In the second half of July, Marcin Grzymkowski resigned as head of eobuwie.pl, and announced that he would join the company’s supervisory board. Grzymkowski is its founder and first owner, and has served as president for 16 years.

At the end of March this year. CCC . group It has signed with Cyfrowy Polsat and A&R Investments Limited, which is controlled by Rafał Brzoska, a 20 per cent sale contract. eobuwia shares for a total of 1 billion PLN. At the same time, it agreed to buy another 20 percent of its founder Marcin Grzymkowski’s company. For 720 million PLN.

It was announced that in the next six months, he will join the eobuwie.pl board of directors, among others, Mikołaj Wezdecki’s e-commerce director and Szymon Dąbrowski’s director of purchasing and sales.

In a statement issued in mid-March, Cyfrowy Polsat indicated that the purchase of eobuwie.pl shares was treated as a financial investment. – using a strictly defined method and the moment of a possible exit from the investment, which, according to the intention of the parties, will be the initial public offering of eobuwie.pl (IPO), planned for 2022 or 2023, depending on market conditions and other important factors – it was noted.

Zygmunt Solorz also counts on “gaining experience in the prospect of e-commerce”. – The Board of Directors of the company sees that the potential investment has an opportunity to generate an attractive rate of return, while allowing companies from the company’s capital group to gain efficiencies in building and developing activities in the field of e-commerce, which is a natural course of development of the company’s capital group after the acquisition of Interia.pl Group – added.

In early July it was proven that SVF II Motion Subco, a company of Japan’s Softbank Capital Group, will purchase an unsecured bond convertible into eobuwie.pl shares worth PLN 500 million.. Softbank estimated the value of eobuwie.pl (equity value) at 6 billion PLN.

eobuwie.pl returns 56 percent. above

In the second quarter of the current fiscal year, that is, from May to July of this year, according to preliminary data, sales of the eobuwie group increased by 56 percent. On an annual basis to PLN 811 million, EBITDA was PLN 59 million (a decrease of 8% year-on-year). The EBITDA margin was 7.3 percent. (Decrease by 5 p.m.).

Gross margin fell 2.4 percentage points to 43.4 percent. The company announced that eobuwie .pl revenue increased by 53 percent. 707 million PLN, and Modevo by 88 percent. Up to 92 million PLN. The increase in revenue for the eobuwie group in the Western European region amounted to 94%, and in Central and Eastern Europe – 53%.

In Poland, sales increased by 41 percent. Up to 300 million PLN. The group recorded high revenue dynamics in the Greek market (increased by 124%), Germany (+96%) and Italy (+75%).

The entire CCC capital group In the last fiscal quarter, it had 2.036 billion PLN in revenue (an increase of 40% year-on-year). and 250 million PLN EBITDA (in accordance with IFRS16).

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