Jean-Pierre Ferland’s funeral: all the women in his life are invited

From Jeanette Reno to Melissa Bedard to Celine Dion, all the great female voices who crossed Jean-Pierre Ferland’s path will receive an invitation to his national funeral on the 1st.There is June.

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His friend Paul Dupont-Hebert, who is involved in the organization of the festival, says: “We believe that whoever you imagine, they will be.

Asked about the particular presence of Celine Dion and Jeanette Reno, with whom the late great charmer of these ladies shared the stage for a memorable rendition of the song. A little higher, a little higherIn the Plains of Abraham, in 2008, Mr. DuPont-Hebert notes.

“There will be sung testimonies, spoken testimonies and female testimonies,” he says.

There will be adults

Apart from Céline, Ginette and her lover and stage partner Julie Anne Saumur, the list of artists who could appear at Marie-Reine-du-Monde Cathedral is long.

“We can think of Melissa Bedard, who was his backing singer for many years. [la comédie musicale] Madam Simpson, who has no desired life. Jean-Pierre was surrounded by many people, artistic and friendly,” adds Paul Dupont-Hébert.

There will certainly be many big names in Quebec music. “All his contemporaries, Robert, Diane, Claude, Gilles. People who were on the same stage as him, who made song boxes.

It will certainly be a fitting farewell to the great artist Jean-Pierre Ferland.

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