Amazon’s new gem?  Blade Runner 2099 promises to be exceptional!

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Fallout, The Boys… and Blade Runner 2099. Amazon has more and more great hits in its library and has no intention of stopping.

Blade Runner will return as a series. What do we know about Amazon production?

As we reported in February 2022, according to information published by Variety, work on a new series set in the Blade Runner universe is in progress. The events will take place half a century after the events presented in the classic and hugely successful film Blade Runner 2049. The first mention of the production appeared in a BBC interview with Ridley Scott; The director then announced that the script for Blade Runner 2099 was already ready and a 10-episode series was planned.

Another spin-off set in the Blade Runner universe is on the way. After the animated series Blade Runner: Black Lotus, released by Adult Swim in 2021, it’s time for another part. This time the events will take place before the final part of the film. The 1982 film Blade Runner became an icon of the science fiction genre, setting many of the standards for modern cinematography. 2017’s sequel was met with positive reviews, reigniting fans’ appetite for intense action cinema with a touch of the future. The series has the potential to expand this already rich vision into new, previously unknown areas.

What new do we know about Blade Runner 2099?

Silka Loaisa, who we may know primarily from her role as supervising producer and writer on Paramount’s Halo, is set to write and direct the new series. Ridley Scott, who directed the original film, will serve as executive producer. As Variety once again reported, Michelle Yeoh has joined the cast; Furthermore, it looks like she will be playing the lead role – a character named Olwen, who is described as a doppelgänger at the end of her life. These are still few details, but it looks like Amazon is going to have another hit with its streaming service.

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