Five things worth knowing on Thursday, May 9, 2024

On Wednesday, high school students took the basic mathematics exam. The National Prosecutor’s Office filed an application in the case of Judge Tomasz Smidt. Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced that he would accept the resignation of four ministers on Friday. Here are five things to know on Thursday, May 9.

1. High school graduates take their final exams in mathematics

This year’s high school graduates have already taken the primary mathematics exam. Posts on social media show that high school graduates themselves rate the exam as easy. “Matura Basic Exam 100% in 30 minutes” – Someone writes on X (formerly Twitter). “Is this the high school graduation exam or the 8th grade exam?”, “The 8th grader will be able to do these math tasks 30% better,” “Math exam, I finished first in school, it’s amazing” – other users of The site echoes it.

On Thursday morning there will be a written exam in English at the basic level. In the afternoon there will be written tests in other foreign languages ​​at the basic level: German, Russian, Spanish, French and Italian. Taking such an exam in a chosen foreign language is mandatory for all high school graduates. For years, they mostly chose English.

High school graduates will take a written exam in EnglishLech Muszynski/PAP/EPA

2. The National Prosecutor’s Office filed an application in the case of Judge Smidt

The National Prosecutor’s Office has submitted a request to the Disciplinary Court of the Supreme Administrative Court for a decision allowing Judge Thomas Schmidt to be held criminally accountable. Justice Minister and Prosecutor General Adam Bodnar said the National Prosecutor’s Office was also requesting permission for temporary detention and detention. – The charge: espionage – he added.

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Thomas Schmidt had access to case files that could contain sensitive and even intimate information about state officials and secret service officers who were admitted to Poland and NATO’s greatest secrets. – Having such a file of officials and officers, you can easily select a specific person and effectively recruit him as an agent – explains lawyer Anthony Kania Sinyavsky in an interview with the correspondent of the TVN channel “Superwizjer”.

3. Tusk will accept the resignation of four ministers

Prime Minister Donald Tusk, in a conversation with reporters, was asked about the details of rebuilding the government. He said: On May 10, that is, Friday, I will accept the resignation of four ministers.

He stressed that “people will start working immediately.” When asked whether the number of ministries would be reduced as a result of the reconstruction, the Prime Minister replied, “A little.”

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4. Ukrainian prisoners will go to the front

Some prisoners in Ukrainian prisons will be able to perform voluntary service in the army in exchange for being released from serving the rest of their sentence – according to a law passed by parliament in Kiev on Wednesday. Those who have no more than three years left to complete their sentence will be able to be released from prison.

An early release from prison in exchange for service in the Ukrainian army will be carried out at the request of the convict. Convicts wishing to be conscripted into the army will have to write an appeal to the prison director, and a conditional probationary period will be granted by court decision.

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5. Real Madrid in the Champions League final

Real Madrid beat Bayern Munich 2-1 and qualified for the Champions League final. The most unexpected hero for the Royal team was substitute Joselu, who scored two goals at the end of the match.

Real will play Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League final on June 1 at Wembley Stadium in London.

Main image source: Lech Muszynski/PAP/EPA

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