German tourists in Poland.  They praise the prices and… the highways

Germans are increasingly willing to visit Poland. The number of arrivals is recovering after the epidemic. Data from the Central Statistical Office shows that tourists from Germany make up the largest group of foreign visitors in years.

The Central Statistical Office reported that in 2019, up to 1.9 million Germans used accommodation in Poland. After the pandemic in 2021, that number dropped to 835,000. In 2022, it began to recover and has already reached 1.4 million. However, many Germans also choose day trips. The total number of tourists arriving from Germany in 2022, including one-day trips, reached 2.8 million.

Another good year

After the holiday season, it looks like it could be another good year. – This year’s holiday season shows that tourism arrivals of foreign guests to our region are gradually recovering. In the case of Tricity, it can be assumed that it constitutes about 30%. All trips, and in the case of other areas in the region about 10 percent. Among this group German tourists usually rank first or second in statistics of the nationalities most willing to come to the Pomeranian province – notes Lukas Magrian, Director of the Pomeranian Regional Tourism Organization.

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He adds that in Tricity, German guests benefit from the typical advantages of tourism in the city, with an emphasis on cultural offer, events, shopping and cuisine.

— Outside the city, they first use the entertainment and spa offers of the coastal area, in Kashubia and the Tuchola Forest. After the pandemic, organized groups based on cultural monuments, history and natural values ​​are also returning, says Lucas Magrian.

Germans are keen to visit not only the coastal areas, but also – due to their proximity – even Lower Silesia.

Polish hospitality, attractive prices

Tourists from Germany They chose Poland because of its proximity to our country and its prices. – I was surprised by the hospitality and helpfulness of the Polish residents. “I was also surprised by the quality of the highways,” says Markus, who was on vacation in Poland.

He admits that the prices also encourage people to come. – From the German point of view, the prices are of course good, but for the average Polish citizen, of course, somewhat lower – he points out. He came to Poland at the invitation of a friend. He loved it. So much so that he plans to move to our country next year.

Bianca was at the Polish seaside for the first time this year. -I came with my family. The weather was not on our side at allIt was raining most days, but I was happy with the scenery in Gdańsk, the friendly nature of the Poles, and the prices. We will definitely come back here again. “I hope there’s a lot of sunshine,” he says.

Similar opinions can be found in groups dedicated to holidays in Poland. Germans appreciate the Polish tourist offer, primarily due to its attractive price. In many European countries they have to pay in euros, so a trip there is not as beneficial as a trip to Poland. The only thing they complain about is the fickle summer weather.

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Sabina Gadic, co-owner of the holiday home Meduza in Sarpinovo, often hosts Germans. They come willingly for several reasons, he says. — It is cheap and quiet. Many people also lived here or their families, grandparents or parents lived here. They really like Polish cuisine, which is not very different from German cuisine – notice. He adds that both countries are culturally similar, and this might make Germans feel comfortable in Poland.

For the tourism industry, the presence of the Germans represents an opportunity for a successful season. In total, guests from Germany spent approximately EUR 1.7 billion in Poland in 2022. PLN 100 million more than in 2019.

Where are the toilets?

Germans are also keen to visit Krakow, says Kuba Łukasiński, a licensed Krakow tour guide and creator of the YouTube channel “Historia nie jest boring.” Politics often comes with adults. In Germany, you can hear the statements of many of our politicians and they usually ask me whether everyone thinks so and whether anti-German sentiment is really so strong. – He says.

What often surprises Germans is the appearance of cities. – They often emphasize that it is clean and there are no paintings on the walls. They know the history, so the information about the almost insignificant degree of war damage is very surprising. Interesting conclusions emerge on this occasion. Sometimes they complain about the crowds, which can be quite large in Krakow. Like other nationalities They were surprised that there were so few toilets in such a tourist place – says Cuba Lukasinski.

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