I started at Biedronka.  “Daily limit – 30 packs”

Biedronka offers new promotions every now and then. The latest deals went into effect on Thursday (May 9).

The offer will only be available for a very short time, until Saturday (May 11). You can save, among other things, on Dada Extra Care Pants Jumbo Bag diapers or Dada Extra Care Jumbo Bag diapers. Now these products cost 39.99 PLN.

The rest of the article is below the video

You can get sugar for PLN 2.99. This is the amount you would pay per unit if you took three packages. The promotion covered sugar brands such as Sweet Family, Diamant, Królewski and Polski Cukier.

You’ll also save on many other products through Saturday. Mlekovita Extra Polish Butter is included in the 3+3 Free Campaign. You can get fresh pre-packaged chicken breast fillets for free thanks to our 1+1 Free promotion.

Ladybug is going crazy. What promotions!

Another eye-catching promotion is MK Cafe Premium ground coffee 500 g now you can get it for PLN 19.99.

You will get a 50% discount on all types of refrigerated and frozen Donatello pizza. Cheaper (discount on the second cheaper product). You can also get this discount on all dog and cat foods. All types of shower gels are covered by the free 2+1 promotion.

There are also promotions on all Queen’s toilet paper. You will get a 50% discount on the second cheapest product. Cheaper.

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