Through thick and thin, Episode 827: Piotr Gawryło’s Unexpected Return!  Radwan will lose his son forever

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Through thick and thin, Episode 827: Piotr Gawryło’s Unexpected Return! Radwan will lose his son forever

In episode 827 of For Good and Evil, Gawryło (Marek Bukowski) returns to Poland completely unexpectedly, lost like a stone in water! Piotr abandoned his wife Joanna (Monica Kaliska) and Coboy (Victor of Troy), left and did not keep in touch with his family, so Redouane (Mateusz Damiski) thought he already had a son on hand. Nothing could be more wrong, because in episode 827 “For Good and Evil” Gawryło will surprise everyone and promise that he will appear in Warsaw! His decision will be a judgment on Krzysztof!

Episode 827 “On Good and Evil” – Wednesday 15/12/2021 at 20.55 on TVP2

In Episode 827 “On Good and Evil” Gawryło will surprise everyone again! Having abandoned his new wife and Cuba and left, Joanna returns to Poland with her interfering son, hoping that in this way she can bring him back. Unfortunately, Gawryło kept avoiding contact and gave Kubuś illusory hopes. The absence of Piotr Krzysztof made him very happy, as he realized that this was the only moment to finally get his son back.

Let us remind you that after the tragic death of Hana (Camila Bar Kochaska), Gorillo seizes Cuba and threatens Redouane that he will never see him again! By the way, he destroyed the only evidence Hana left for Cuba before her death, which is that his real father is Krzysztof Redouane! In the last episodes of “On Good and Evil” Krzysiek already had his son on hand, but in episode 827 of “Good and Evil” everything will change!

Watch in the photo gallery how Radwan knew about the return of Gawryło in episode 827 “On Good and Evil” >>>

In Episode 827, “For Good and Evil,” Krzysiek will introduce Joasia to Agata (Emilia Komarnicka-Klynstra), who will know Piotr well. Then he will learn by chance that Gawryło will return to Warsaw today!

– Gawryło? Woźnicka will be surprised when he hears her name.

Pewter’s wife, Asia Radwan was explaining to her.

– How is he doing? Has he returned to Otwock? – Agata will be interested.

He worked for the past few months with Doctors Without Borders. Today he travels to Warsaw… and we’ll see… Maybe Otwock, maybe something else – He’ll say hope.

– Gawryło returns to Poland? … I did not know! Krzyszic is about to have a heart attack.

Gawryło’s return in Episode 827 “For Good and Evil” will shock Krzysiek, who will not be able to focus on work. He would ask Joanna to have a face-to-face conversation to find out all about his rival’s arrival, because he would realize that it would complicate his relationship with Kubo, which was going in a very good direction! Radwan will know that Gawryło will surely take his son from him when he returns!

– Didn’t you mention that Butrek would be back? – will start.

– You surprised me. I thought he would extend the contract for another month… – I’ll explain it to him.

– Cuba was certainly happy … – He will say, stunned.

If I saw him jump for joy when I told him… – Joanna will say happy.

– Gawryło back to Otwock? to Warsaw? – The topic will continue.

– Not decided yet. He stated that he had an offer from Germany. Why don’t you come for dinner tomorrow? Piotr would be glad to have some friends here – He will propose unexpectedly.

Conversation with Joanna in episode 827 of “In Good and Evil” will be much more difficult for Krzyszic, whose passage of the chair will not go unnoticed by Agata, who will immediately think that Rizwan is controversial from another wife of Gorita!

– Gawryła’s wife…beautiful. You have a strange tendency towards his wives .. Do you think that there is something hiding in this hospital? Excuse me! Once upon a time Hana, now Aśka – will refer to it.

– We are just friends! – He’ll reassure her.

“Since I knew her husband was coming back, I’ve already poured seven teaspoons of sugar into the cup – Woźnicka will know hers.

– I did not think that Gavryło would return. I am afraid that he will take Cuba far away again, and that I will lose the opportunity to contact my son … – He will explain her dejected.

Then, in episode 827, “For Good and Evil,” Agata will be shocked to learn that it’s not Peter who is Cuba’s biological father, but Krzyszic! He will immediately decide to rehabilitate himself and convince him to finally tell Joanna the truth!

– with your son? …Does Aśka know that you are the father of Cuba? I asked surprised.

– from where! Gorillo didn’t tell her about me… – He will answer.

– And you? Why didn’t you tell her? … what are you waiting for? So discover yourself? – He will get angry and tell him to do it himself!

For good and bad. Joanna Pewter will lose forever, but Michael will take his place. Gawryło will never come back

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