April 2, 2023


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Wirtualna Polska - Everything is important

Wirtualna Polska – Everything is important

You can’t outpace your budget meltdown when you have to pay 6 zlotys for fuel? An “educational campaign” was launched both online and on billboards to convince us we were lucky anyway. Because you pay more almost everywhere in Europe. However, the dry numbers used by the campaign authors do not show the other side of the coin – that is, how much is earned in other EU countries and how much can be bought for it. And in this competition, we’re doing pretty badly.

“Fuel prices in Poland are among the lowest in Europe” – This is the main address used by Internet users who find their way to the website spalaweuropie.pl. Theses with such content also appeared on billboards placed along Polish roads.

As it turned out, it is an element of the “educational campaign” of the Polish fuel industry. This measure was signed by the Federation of Businessmen and Employers, the Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels, the Polish Association of Employers of Road Transport, Orlin and Lotus.

It’s hard to argue with the campaign slogan. It is confirmed by the data of the E-Petrol website, which the authors of the campaign refer to. However, without a doubt When faced with this hypothesis, many drivers will feel that 6 zlotys per liter of fuel, which they currently have to pay, will greatly strain their home budgets. And that prices “one of the lowest in Europe” will not help much, since you have to tighten the belt tightly. They would also be right. why?

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