Złotego Gołębia za krótki film animowany wywalczyła Marta Pajek (fot. PAP/Stanisław Rozpędzik)

Polish director Karol Paska won the Silver Bath in the feature-length documentaries category at the 64th Animation and Documentary Film Festival in Leipzig, which ended on Sunday. Marta Bajic won the Gold Award for an animated short film.

“Lym Galaxy”. An event dedicated to the writer’s work begins in Rome

The three-day Lime Galaxy event kicked off Tuesday at La Sapienza University in Rome. It is co-organized by the Polish Institute in Rome.

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Polish cinematographer and director Karol Baška was awarded the Silver Pigeon and 6000 by the international jury. Euro Award for his feature-length documentary “Bocolica”. The film tells about the life of a mother and daughter living alone in the countryside – “other than that, somewhere on the edge of the world.”

In justification, the jury emphasized the “new and innovative approach” of the Polish artist, as well as “the sensitivity and tenderness in the presentation of the characters.”

In contrast, Golden Dove went to Polish animator Marta Pajek in the Best Documentary Short Film category. The jury honored her animated film “Impossible Characters and Other Stories 1” as a “complex exploration of death, life, and death”.

In the same category, ex-equo with Pajek, the Golden Pigeon was awarded to Cuban Alejandro Alonso for the film “Abyss”. In addition to the figurines, Alonso and Pike each received 3,000 zlotys. Euro cash prize.

The award ceremony was held with the participation of the public on Saturday evening at the CineStar Film Festival in Leipzig.


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