Ben Grant, syn brytyjskiej parlamentarzystki Helen Grant, walczy na Ukrainie. 26 maja jego odział brał udział w walkach, podczas których zginął wysokiej rangi oficer czeczeński Adam Bisultanow. "Strzelaj" - słychać głos Granta na filmie pokazującym przebieg bitwy.

Ben Grant, son of British MP Helen Grant, is fighting in Ukraine. On May 26, his unit took part in the fighting, during which a high-ranking Chechen officer, Adam Bessultanov, was killed. ‘Shooting’ – Grant’s voice is heard in the video that shows the course of the battle.

100 days of war in Ukraine. Our governor, defended the army and strengthened Poland’s role in the international arena

100 days of war in Ukraine.  Our governor, defended the army and strengthened Poland's role in the international arena

The Russian side claims that The son of British MP Helen Grant has been linked to the death of high-ranking Chechen officer Adam Bess Sultanov. Russia’s National Guard Rosgvardia reported that Bes Sultanov was killed on 26 May in a battle with “a group of British and American volunteers” including the son of a British deputy.

Ben Grant, 30, a commando of 5 years in the Royal Marines, and a veteran of Afghanistan, has been fighting in Ukraine since March.

And earlier, he explained in an interview with the newspaper “The Guardian” that he decided to fight against Russia when he saw a video of a child crying in a house bombed by Russian forces.

“I said to myself, I am a father of three children, and if they are my children, I will know what to do: I will go fight. I would like other people who can fight to come and help me save my family ” – he said.

He emphasized in the interview that his decision had nothing to do with politics. He went to war without telling his mother about it.

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Now the Guardian describes a film it suspects came from a battle in which a Chechen officer was killed. Grant’s voice is heard in the recording. He shouts to his companions: We must move or we will die.

“Go, go” – he says in English. You can see him and other soldiers storm the forest. Then one of them fired a Matador missile at a Russian BTR-80 armored personnel carrier.

Just before the missile was launched, Grant ordered “Shoot now,” and after a while: “Watch out for the recoil.”

In the next shot, drone footage, you can see how the affected carrier caught fire, travels a few more metres, and then stops.

The Russian side claims that Bes Sultanov was in a tanker, he was hit by three bullets fired by soldiers serving in the Ukrainian foreign unit.

President Volodymyr Zelensky announced the establishment of the branch in March. Since then, thousands of volunteers from abroad have joined its ranks. There are up to 20,000 volunteers from all over the world.

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