Leszek Teleszyński played the role of the arranger in “The Leper”.  This is what it looks like today [ZDJĘCIA]

Leszek Teleszyński first attracted the attention of critics with his role in Andrzej Żuławski’s film The Third Part of the Night. Then he played the role of Prince Bogusław Radziwiłł in the movie “The Deluge” and gained appreciation. His performance in “The Leper” made him a star of Polish cinema. As an organizer, Waldemar Mishorowski made many women fall in love with him.

The third film based on the novel Helena Menescona The cinema attracted nearly 10 million Poles to the cinemas, and tickets had to be bought with ponies. 29-year-old Leszek Tilesinski was inundated with letters, bouquets of flowers (sent to the theater’s dressing room) and… marriage proposals. He did not take advantage of any offer because, as he jokingly admitted, he was too shy.

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