February 1, 2023


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Vitali Klitschko talks about a fatal scenario for Kiev.  "The end of the world as in Hollywood movies" |  world News

Vitali Klitschko talks about a fatal scenario for Kiev. “The end of the world as in Hollywood movies” | world News

Vitali Klitschko in an interview with the agency Reuters He said that there is no need to evacuate the people of Kyiv at the present time. At the same time, he stressed that such a scenario is taken into account.

Vitali Klitschko: There may be an end to the world

Kyiv may lose power, water and heat. He said that there may be an end of the world, as in Hollywood films, when it will be impossible to live in houses because of the hypothermia. “But we are fighting and doing everything we can to prevent that from happening,” he added.

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The mayor of Kyiv admitted that there are not enough heated shelters in the Ukrainian capital to accommodate the entire population in the event of a power outage. – We have prepared 500 independent heating points, but for a city of 3 million, 500 points is nothing, – the mayor admitted.

Klitschko said that if the outage continues, it will be at low levels temperature The authorities will have to drain the water from the buildings. – in contrast issue He said the water could freeze and break water pipes, and buildings would become unusable.

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In Kyiv, the power deficit is 20 percent. Now the situation is stable. Despite this, Klitschko urged the population to stock up on food and water and to prepare clothing and documents incidentIf they have to leave their homes because the heating is turned off.

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Ukraine. Power outages after the Russian bombing

In the past month, the Russians have fired more than 200 rockets. They mainly targeted large transformer substations, causing a temporary collapse of the Ukrainian power transmission system. Oleksandr Kharchenko of the Ukrainian Energy Research Center said in early December that Ukraine It needs foreign supplies of transformers and power generators. As he emphasized, Kyiv, as well as a number of Ukrainian cities, needs mobile gas-fired power generators that can protect the operation of heating plants and water supply systems even in the event of a long-term power outage.

The bombing of the Ukrainian power system was followed by a so-called blackout and power outages for most customers. Although the network was initially fixed, it could take weeks to fully restore it, and further possible massive Russian attacks, according to experts, would only deepen the crisis.

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