They sold Hamilton’s car.  The price is amazing

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Katarzyna Labczynska

On the occasion of the Las Vegas Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton’s 2013 car was sold at auction, in which he achieved his first win with Mercedes. The machine achieved an incredible price. You can also purchase other Formula 1 related paraphernalia at the auction.

Lewis Hamilton joined Mercedes in 2013, and a few months later began his dominance in Formula 1 with the German brand, which lasted until the 2021 season. Although in his first season behind the wheel of the “Silver Arrow,” the Briton was not counted in the standings. Fighting for the title, he managed to win the Hungarian Grand Prix. It also won first place in Hungary.

Auction house RM Sotheby’s has put up for sale a Mercedes W04, chassis number 4, behind which Hamilton won podiums in Malaysia, China and Belgium in the 2013 season. This is the first British car from the racing period of the Brackley stable to be auctioned.

Even before the auction, it was estimated that a potential buyer would pay approximately $10 to $15 million for the Hamilton machine. Ultimately, it was sold in Las Vegas for $18.8 million.

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During a special auction evening before the Las Vegas Grand Prix, other Formula 1-related paraphernalia also found buyers, although they were not very popular. A Ferrari racing suit likely worn by Michael Schumacher during the 2003 Italian Grand Prix has found a buyer for PLN 102,000. dollar.

A 1990 Ferrari F40 GT, originally owned by track designer Mugello and competing in the Italian GT series, did not meet the reserve price and was therefore not sold that evening.

Until now, the record has been held by Juan Manuel Fangio’s car from the 1954 season, which was sold for $29.6 million during the 2013 Goodwood Festival of Speed. It was a Mercedes W196R. While driving, Fangio won his second of five Formula One championship titles.

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