attention!  We fill up our tank 30 or 40 cents cheaper per liter of gasoline.  LPG is cheaper.  There are places that have no limits for refueling

The leader of the promotion is of course Orlin. But it's also cheaper at stations like: Circle K, BP, Moya, MOL and AMIC Energy.

ORLEN – 30 cents cheaper until May 5, 100 litres, but only two 50 litre tanks

The fuel offer at ORLEN stations runs from Friday, April 26 to May 5 this year until 23:59. Promotion terms:

Discount on fuel During two refueling trips. The maximum limit of one promotional refueling is 50 liters (above this, the remaining portion of refueling will be settled at the regular price) for all users of the VITAY program, registered in the ORLEN VITAY application or who have a traditional plastic VITAY card, a benefit. New customers can join the promotion after registering in the app. Each participant will receive a 30 cent discount on a liter of any fuel (EFECTA or VERVA). VITAY program users who also have a large family card can count on an additional discount. They will receive a higher discount of 10 cents, meaning they will save 40 grams for every liter they fuel under the promotion. You will be able to get a receipt or invoice to purchase fuel at a discounted price.

Electric car owners will also be able to take advantage of the promotion during the weekend in May. It will start on May 1 at midnight and continue until May 5 at 23.59. During this time, each user of the ORLEN Charge app will be able to charge the car by 10%. Discount at all ORLEN stations and Energa charging points of the ORLEN Group. Currently, ORLEN Charge has more than 70,000 users.

Promotion regulations for users of the ORLEN VITAY program are available at:

Circle K – Promotion from April 30 only, but without refueling limits

From April 30 to May 5, 2024 30 g/L less. Back to Buy at least 20 litres fuel With Circle K EXTRA card. The discount applies to a maximum of 50 liters of fuel during a single refueling.

Important! It is limited to 50 liters of fuel and can be used once. However, there is no limit to the number of times you can refuel (April 30 – May 5). Here, Circle is better than Orlen, which has limited the number of refueling times (to two).

From the promotion controls:

During the promotional campaign, the participant purchases at least 20 (twenty) full liters of one of the following types of fuel in a single transaction:

1) Mile 95 miles diesel or MilePLUS 95, MilePLUS 98 or MilePLUS Diesel, you will receive a discount on purchased fuel for a total amount of PLN 0.30 (thirty Grozy) per full liter of fuel, or,
2) LPG SupraGas will receive a discount on fuel purchased in a total amount of PLN 0.10 (ten groz) per full liter of fuel.
The deductible fuel limit described in Section 2 above is 50 liters (fifty litres).

Important! Promotion cannot be used when paying with a fleet card.


Promotions only on Saturday 4 May – petrol and diesel 30 cents per liter cheaper (LPG at a discount of 10 cents per litre). Maximum 50 liters of fuel

Promotion controls

During the promotional period, the participant who purchases fuel at the BP station receives a discount of PLN 30/l, and when purchasing LPG, he receives a discount of PLN 10/l. The discount is given up to 50 liters of fuel. If the amount of fuel in the transaction is more than 50 litres, the discount will only be given up to 50 liters of fuel. The discount will not be given for fuel in a can. 2. Each participant is entitled to participate in the Promotion once on each day of its validity, i.e. once on April 27, 2024 and once on May 4, 2024.

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