The cars we would have bought if it wasn’t hard to find good art [przegląd redakcji #27]

Tomas Budzic – Volvo 480

Today it is difficult to imagine the development of the automobile industry without the contribution of Volvo. The Swedish brand made the most in safety, of course, but it also shed three cents in terms of design. One of the cars that impressed me today is the 480, which went into production in 1986. It is simply the essence of ’80s frivolity. A car that measures just over 4.2 meterswas longer than the lion’s share of the competition.

The three-door body was something between a hatchback and a station wagon, but it wasn’t without sporty accents. but maybe Long visor with integrated floating lights. This is an excellent example of the imagination of designers of that time. Especially the interior, which sparkles with illuminated indicators and buttons as well as monochrome green screens. They were also in a class of their own Four separate full seats in the cabin. What about the fifth person? Well, it’s not a five-person car.

Volvo 480 is not a young car – production ended in 1995. Nor was it a popular car. As a result, this model is really hard to buy. There are few offers on Polish sales sites (At the time of writing, I’ve found two ads), so the likelihood that we’ll end up with a car in a condition that doesn’t match our ambitions is high.

For comparison, only on one of the popular classifieds sites I found 42 ads for the sale of Volkswagen Golf II. With sales offers of Volvo 480 it is much better in Germany – only on one website I found 19 ads for cars in different conditions, and therefore – at very different prices.

Marcin Łobodziński – Alfa Romeo 156 Sportwagon

I was looking for this car for about 2 months, and at one time I had the impression that I saw almost all gasoline cars for sale in a radius of 200 km. Finally I said, “Enough! I don’t want to drive anymore and feel cheated every time.” Moldy sills, holes in the floor, bad engine condition, glowing lights. This was the norm. Not even one beautiful car can be transported from the consignment shop. The second broke during a test drive, and that was when I was really determined.

Alfa Romeo 156 Sport Wagon

Yes, if I want to buy a diesel engine, I will probably find something. If I wanted to take a chance on a V6 and pay double that, maybe too. If I wanted to spend three times more than the market average, I’d probably buy something too. If, in the event of a crash, I would get three times the market average, I would pick it up.

I think you will buy a beautiful one 156 sport wagon Possible and that Anyone who rides it will likely fall in love with it. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it – I just lost my patience. If there were a few nice things, I would have driven one like this for over a year.

Alexander Rosinsky – Honda CRX II

The CRX can’t be faulted for room, functionality or comfort. She was also not overly beautiful, although the dynamically drawn body stands out With a drag coefficient of 0.29 To this day it has its supporters.

Honda CRX

I’m one of them too. The second generation CRX is for me an icon of leadership in the early ’90s and it’s a great icon An example of how little fun driving can be. The simple, almost ascetic interior design, the extremely low driving position and the direct steering system resulted in a very representative driving.

If we add the featherweight, compact dimensions, and high-speed Honda Co-op engines, we get The perfect recipe for a fun dayWho today may also be a young man.

Used Honda CRX II & hairsp; – & hairsp; epoch icon

Over the past three years, fuel prices have made drivers increasingly consider maintenance costs when choosing a vehicle. In an era when a liter of fuel was…

The problem is that it is very difficult to get a well-preserved copy. Cars displayed on advertising portals can be counted with the fingers of one hand. Prices are not low and the technical condition usually leaves much to be desired. No wonder, because the CRX was a car loved by grumpy youth and…the wear, which after many years made it a moribund species today.

Philip Polinski – Renault Safran Biturbo

One of the most interesting French attacks against German hegemony was the Renault Safran Biturbo, which was a ticket to the hermetic world of prestigious limousines. The plan was ambitious – To add a touch to the nose of Audi, BMW and Mercedes. I came out… well, you can say as usual.

Renault Safrane Biturbo

The ambitions of the French exceeded their capabilities. Renault did not have a “prestigious” V8, so they had to limit themselves to a V6. The three-liter unit is equipped with two turbochargers, thanks to him he produced the first 262 horses and after a few months 268 horses. The engine was combined with a 5-speed manual, because no “automatic” could withstand a torque of 365 Nm, and Quadra all-wheel drive installed. performance? 7.2 seconds to a hundred was enough to be a little slower than the BMW 540i or the Audi S6, and the Safrane reached 250 km / h without any problems.

The body was enriched with additional covers and other bumpers by Irmscher (yes, one from Opel), and for dessert Renault has been inundated with a solid dose of equipment. On board there was, among others, a double zone, automatic air conditioning, electric seats, equipped with pumping and heating, adjustable air suspension or an on-board computer with a speech synthesizer. Let me remind you, we’re talking about the mid-’90s.

Unfortunately, the market underestimated the efforts of the French. The seal effectively drove potential clients out of salons, a safranAlthough it was well equipped, it was very expensive. It’s a pity because I really like projects that try to break the dominance of other producers. I am happy to put one in my garage and drive it to the rallies, where it is full of potential competitors. In the end, only 806 units of this car were builtIt’s not hard to guess that finding one to buy is almost a miracle. And not only in Poland.

Matthew Żuchowski – Volkswagen Golf GTI

The first generation Golf GTI is a car that invented this segment hot hatch. Although it has been 46 years since then, and this fantastic Kowalski sports car is equipped with a 1.6-liter 110hp engine, it has always been the subject of creative interest, especially on the motoring scene in Germany and Austria.

Volkswagen Golf GTI

This is the problem with this historical model. Of the about 462,000 copies that left the factory gates in Wolfsburg, about 461,990 may have been modified in some way by fans for a better presence at gatherings like Woerthersee and the like. Today, the first generation Golf GTI is practically absent in the case as shown in the photo: It’s hard to find art without low suspension or at least BBS rims with tightly rimmed tires. And if they do, then at auctions in Germany, their price is already almost 150,000 zlotys. zloty. A lot of money for the fact that no one broke them.

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