She corrected the error after 14 seconds.  The mistake costs her 10,000 zlotys.  He has to pay the tax man

As a result, taxpayers must pay the tax office more than PLN 10,000. Polish zloty more. “This is not only the cost of its mistake, but above all – in the broader sense – of the confusion caused by the Polish regime in 2022,” the newspaper wrote.

The taxpayer has made a mistake. It costs her a lot

The DGP explains that throughout 2022, taxpayers have been regularly paying advances on personal income tax (PIT) in a linear form. She chose this form of taxation at the beginning of the year, but after calculating the amount of loss upon introduction of the Polish system,I decided to use the available option to change the tax form.

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Unfortunately, The taxpayer was unlucky. As she claims, she filed her tax return using Form PIT-36L in error. It happened on March 13, 2023, exactly 09/03/59. barely After 14 seconds The taxpayer sent her second tax return, this time to Hole model-36.

The difference in time between filing both returns was small, but the difference in tax amounts was significant. According to the declaration filed in form PIT-36L, the tax due amounted to PLN 31,637. However, in the tax return filed 14 seconds later on Form PIT-36, the taxpayer reported an overpayment of PLN 21,355.

“The tax authorities remained stubborn. It is not important whether the taxpayer made the next choice after a few seconds, minutes or days. What is important is that they did so after the introduction of PIT-36L. Therefore, the introduction of PIT-36 had a significant impact that does not produce No legal implications – the authorities said in both cases.”- informs the daily.

They changed the Polish system

In July 2022, further changes were introduced to the tax system. The Polish regime was supposed to leave more money in the pockets of Poles, but it only caused chaos in companies' accounting departments and was criticized in many circles.

The most important change introduced to improve the Polish system was Reducing the income tax rate in the first threshold from the current 17%. By 12 percent

The complex rules for calculating benefits for the middle class are one of the most criticized elements of the Polish system, which is why it was decided to withdraw from this idea.

– The changes introduced by the Polish system globally will lead to a permanent reduction in revenues from almost all types of income taxes. In my opinion, there has been a complete dismantling of budget revenues – the professor confirmed in 2023 in an interview with the website Adam Marianski is a lawyer and lecturer at Lazarski University.

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