How to reduce electricity bills?  Unobvious ways worth knowing

Nowadays, most appliances operate on electricity. It is a safer and more environmental solution than gas. However, there is also the other side of the coin – it is about money. In July 2024, the government energy shield will expire. Experts expect electricity bills to rise by up to 50-80%. Therefore, it is beneficial to implement habits that will help us save today.

refrigerator It is one of the largest energy consumers, mainly because it is running all the time. You can't turn it off because there is always something inside. However, it is possible to reduce energy consumption. The most important step is to set the appropriate temperature. Some people instinctively choose less. This is a mistake. Usually there is no need for this. In this way we generate more electricity. The recommended temperature is 2-5°C.

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You should also remember to keep the device clean and in good technical condition. if Water collects in the refrigeratorThe freezer is full of ice, something is wrong. It will be necessary to defrost and wash the refrigerator, and if the problem persists, it is worth consulting a specialist. Before doing so, please refer to the manual for information on proper use of the device. Maybe you are making a mistake.

Not everyone realizes that the placement of the refrigerator is also very important. It is best not to place it near heat sources such as a stove or radiator. Also make sure the ventilation holes are not blocked. The air must be able to flow freely.

An electric stove does not have to consume a lot of electricity if we use it correctly. Remember to keep the disk clean. Let us not always designate the highest power. It is worth using lids that speed up the cooking process and thus reduce energy consumption.

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