Carl Tremblay’s death: Band’s guitarist pays new tribute to friend

Carl Tremblay, guitarist and friend of singer Jean-Francois Basset, has once again expressed his grief to the man he calls his “leftist”, four days after the singer of Cowboys Fringeants died.

“Strangely enough, my best time with Carl wasn’t with the Cowboys. The ones I especially loved happened on Sundays and Tuesdays when we went to play hockey,” the musician wrote on his Facebook account.

Mr. Bassey shared with his virtual audience the habits he shared with his late friend — Sunday night adventures in the arena, their “road to happiness,” marking their first written song, he admitted.

The guitarist, in his release, elaborated on the post-match joy, between beer, laughter, teasing and hopes.

“We were coming back and you were talking in the car. We Generation X guys get a little stuck inside sometimes. The effects of Bud Light loosened your tongue to trust more intimately. Sometimes,” the post says.

These little joys ended two years ago because of the illness that killed Carl Tremblay on Tuesday.

Mr. After expressing how much he missed these little trips with friends, Pauzé ended his tribute with the story of their last meeting, “Little Last.”

“Monday evening, after me game, I stopped at your house. To my surprise, you were awake and sitting on your couch in the living room. I came in and we talked for an hour. You were burned, but you still had hope,” he said.

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