We expect more and more to work.  Recruits have no doubts

Recent months have seen much more interest among candidates to be involved in recruitment processes – Marta Szymaiska, Manpower’s Regional Permanent Recruitment Manager, told PAP.

As the specialists point out, participation in the recruitment process is often of a research nature. Employees want to assess their position in the labor market, check development opportunities and check rates offered by employers.

We expect more and more to work. Recruits have no doubts

We note that there are clear differences between employee expectations and corporate offerings. Primarily related to pay amount and business model. Workers They expect much higher rates, often even 40%, especially in the sector E-CommerceDigital Marketing and New Technologies. Notably, the pandemic has opened up the foreign labor market for some occupational groups – without the need for relocation. This is having an impact on wage pressure, Marta Zimaiska told PAP.

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Artur Skiba of Antal told PAP that current employees have higher and higher financial expectations. This applies primarily to specialists and managers who expect an increase in profits by 10-30%.


– In the case of an attractive offer, employees are fully prepared to participate in the recruitment processes and decide to change jobs. Skiba said there has been a clear increase in volatility in the labor market, especially compared to the situation a year ago, when the economic uncertainty associated with the pandemic affected candidates’ more cautious attitudes and their preferences to remain in the current known workplace. .

The high demand for specialists and the lack of free candidates in the market means that many employers offer Confoflies to persuade employees to stay in their ranks.

– However, our experience shows that it is usually a short-term extension of employment with their current employer and that most people who have already decided to talk to other companies decide to leave their current workplace within the following months – added the president of Antal.


Due to changes in the market, recruitment processes take less and less time. Companies fear that delaying the moment a candidate is selected could lead to his or her access to the competition. This applies, for example, to the IT sector, where the largest number of specialists is missing.




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