It was supposed to be easy and fun, but there was a surprise.  What's going on with the captain?

The eyes of the Highway Country were mainly focused on Jakub Miskowiak. The world junior champion from a few years ago turned out to be one of the main champions in last year's transfer window and replaced Sunday's guest team with… the hosts from Gurzuf. At first it performed well with its new colours. A memorial for Eduard Jancarz ended badly because teenager Vildes Nagel showed him his back. As for the PGE Ekstraliga, the situation is much better. The Pole's performance was beautiful, especially in the opening of the competition against KS Apator Toruń. He was undoubtedly one of the leaders of Stanisław Chomsky's followers at that time.

Many fans in yellow and blue wanted to see similar scenes in the duel with Włókniarz, which changed its name on Saturday. Tauron withdrew in favor of Krono-Plast. This does not necessarily mean the end of cooperation with the energy giant. The case will be resolved in the coming weeks. – We did our job 100%, and I think we represented Toruń with dignity, President Mihail Šveček said in an interview with local Orion TV in February.

Care disruption is not the only problem faced by the residents of Czestochowa. The team is not looking good at the start of the 2024 season. After the defeat against Unia Leszno, which was scheduled to fight for relegation in the PGE Ekstraliga Fogo, at the Edward Jancarz Stadium, Janusz Ślączka's players also suffered a heavy blow at the start. Leon Madsen would like to forget the first race as quickly as possible. Among the seniors, the only individual victory among the guests in the opening series was scored by his compatriot Mads Hansen.

In the later stages, the visitors scored and things became more interesting. Emphasize the word “a little.” Local residents helped them. During one of the road races, Jakub Miskowiak and Martin Vaculic could not reach an agreement. A few minutes later, after an atomic start, the aforementioned Slovakian had to line up at the line again because Jakub Stojanovski did not control the motorcycle. and what? On the second attempt, Vaculik acknowledged Leon Madsen's superiority.

Carol Buterin: We expected more from ourselves, and we could not be satisfied. video/Pulsat Sport/Pulsat Sport

PGE Extraliga. Włókniarz did not give up until the end

Incidentally, the home team's captain had another contest in a row in which he looked very slow. At Saturday's Grand Prix, the individual World Championship bronze medalist did not even advance to the semifinals, and a week ago in Lublin, including bonuses, did not score double-digit points.. His shortcomings were covered by the rest of his teammates and thanks to the equal attitude of the entire team, Staal enjoyed the victory. Eventually, because Leon Madsen was busy, things got heated. Before the favorites races, the visitors were “only” six points behind, so in theory anything could happen.

The revamp by the Czestochowa team, similar to the one in Leszno, was not successful, but the fight for an extra point for a better overall result promises to be exciting. Krono-Plast Włókniarz will not give up easily at home. Stal Gurzuf: 48
9. Simon Wozniak 8+1 (3,1*,1,3,0)
10. Oscar Pfeiffer 7 (2,2,3,0)
11. Martin Vaculic 9+2 (2*,1,1*,2,3)
12. Jakub Miskowiak 8 (3,3,2,0,W)
13. Anders Thomsen 12+1 (2*,1,3,3,3)
14. Oscar Baloch 3 (2,1,0)
15. Jakub Stojanovski 1+1 (1*,0,s)
16. Matthias Bolestad – Did not start

Chrono Blast Walkers Czestochowa: 42
1. Mikkel Michelsen 10+1 (1,3,2,2,1*,1)
2. Maxim Drabek 2+1 (0,2*,0,-,-)
3. Casper Warina 7+1 (0,2,2,1*,2)
4. Mads Hansen 5+2 (3,0,1*,1*)
5. Leon Madsen 14 (1,3,3,3,2,2)
6. Cajetan Kopic 4 (3,s,0,1)
7. Kasper Halkiewicz 0 (0,0,-)
8. Simon Ludwiczak – Did not start

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