There is no holiness!  Vertigo gets a remake.  Robert Downey Jr.  in the main role
This message will probably touch many of you. One of the best films in the history of cinema will get a new version. This movie is “Vertigo” by Alfred Hitchcock.

Robert Downey Jr. and ‘Peaky Blinders’ creator filming ‘Vertigo’

new “vertigo” It will be built for the studio Paramount Pictures. The poster is the home of the original, which influenced Hitchcock’s decision to sell the rights to its remake.

Getty Images © Leon Bennett

Vertigo star Robert Downey Jr. He will also work as a producer with his wife. Steven Knight, creator of the popular series Peaky Blinders, will write the screenplay.

Details of the new version are not known yet.

“Dizziness”. How did the adaptation of the French novel become a cinematic masterpiece?

“Dizziness” Alfred Hitchcock based on a French novel “D’entre les morts” The duo Pierre Boileau and Pierre Aero hide under an assumed name Boileau-Narcejac.

According to the legend of its blockbuster François Truffaut, Hitchcock was interested in another Boileau-Narcejac novel “Cell you don’t eat more”But she lost a legal battle with Henri-Georges Clouzot, on whom it was based “Domain”. However, Boileau-Narcejac wanted to collaborate with Hitchcock, so they wrote “D’entre les morts” Especially with that in mind. However, Pierre Ayrault himself denied this legend.

The novel’s original action takes place in Paris in 1940. Gévigne gives his old friend an unusual task: to follow his wife, who has been behaving strangely lately. Over time, we learn of the comparisons in the behavior of Magdalena and her grandmother, considered insane, who committed suicide at a young age. Flavier fears for the life of his friend’s wife. Unfortunately, he fails to save her. This is where the most interesting part of the novel begins. We follow Flavier’s behavior, his mental problems, and his relationship with the mysterious Renata. In the end, we learn that what we see isn’t always real…

The “Vertigo” business was moved to San Francisco. The main character was “Scotty” (James Stewart). He’s an ex-cop with a fear of heights. A traumatic event in the past caused him to leave the service. He becomes a detective who, at the request of a colleague, begins to follow Madeleine to determine the reasons for her strange behavior. The hero discovers that the woman is infatuated with her great-grandmother, who led a miserable life that ended in suicide. Thus begins his journey into the depths of obsession…

Today though “Dizziness” Considered a masterpiece, it wasn’t like that in the beginning. The film was received coldly by critics, and viewers mostly ignored it. “Dizziness” It won two Academy Award nominations, but in technical categories: for sound and design.

Unhappy with the film’s reception, Hitchcock bought the film from Paramount and never showed it to the world again.

The situation changed after his death. Vertigo returned to theaters in 1983 Then he aroused general admiration. In 2012, the film “Vertigo” took first place in the list of the best films in the history of cinema, which is published by the magazine “Sight & Sound” once every 10 years. In the latest edition of the list, as of 2022, “Dizziness” He finished second, only losing Jeanne Dielman, Shopping Boulevard, 1080 Brussels.

Watch the “Shortcuts” dedicated to the movie “Vertigo”

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