Turning Point: 45 years old.  What is movie star Shirley MacLaine doing today?

The Hollywood star turned 88 this year, but she won’t rest. In one of the interviews, she admitted that she is not going to retire from acting because she wants to earn money for airline tickets. Traveling has been her biggest passion for years. The fact that McClain, despite his advanced age, still retains energy and vitality is best evidenced by a photo taken a year ago, in which the actress was “caught” sipping an afternoon martini.

Shirley MacLaine was born on April 24, 1934 in Richmond, Virginia. While in high school, she added a few years to appear on Broadway. The young actress dreamed of the main roles, but for a long time she had to be content with the third or second plan.

At the age of nineteen, McClain became a replacement for Carol Haney in the Broadway play “The Pajama Game”. When Haney sprained her ankle, Shirley replaced her and became an overnight star. Hollywood producer Hal Wallis, who watched her perform, immediately recorded it. MacLean made her feature film debut in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1955 film The Trouble with Harry.

What does the 87-year-old Hollywood legend remember about working on this crime comedy? Meals with Hitchcock, which made her gain more than 10 kilograms. “He wouldn’t have eaten a meal without me. During this movie, I gained over 10 kilos. I got a call from Frank Freeman, who was the president of Paramount at the time. He asked me, ‘Should I rip your contact?'” When will you stop eating? – McClain mentioned in an interview with Variety.

Shirley MacLaine: The star is still active professionally

She was nominated for an Academy Award five times. She received her first nomination for her performance in the drama Long Week in Parkman (1958), based on the James Jones novel directed by Vincente Minnelli. Her screen partner was Frank Sinatra himself. In 1983, she received the only Oscar in her career – for her role in “Tender Words”. “You really deserved it,” she said after receiving the statue.

However, the role of Fran Kopelek in “The Suit” by Billy Wilder (1960) remains the most famous on-screen performance of the actress. Orgasms also went down in movie history as Hal Ashby’s Just Being. In 1963, McClain starred in the musical “Sweet Irma” directed by Billy Wilder. She received another Academy Award nomination, but she was never seen before at the Golden Globes.

In 1977 she starred in “Point of Return”. The film focuses on the world of ballet in New York. The script is a fictionalized version of the real Brown family and the friendship between ballerinas Isabel Miro Brown and Nora Kay. Herbert Ross’ work has been nominated for eleven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, and in every acting category, including MacLaine.

He entered the cinema scene with McClain from Hal Ashby’s “Just Being”. Her protagonist masturbates while the gardener, played by Peter Sellers (another great comedian), watches television in complete ignorance of her employer’s accomplishment. This moment has been recognized by Yesbutnobutyes.com as the coolest orgasm movie.

Shirley MacLaine can play a woman of any age – from a naive girl, through a mature woman, to an old lady. “I love wrinkles. This is my decoration: it shows that I was alive. The path to becoming an older actress was not difficult for me. It turns out that in my forties I found great characters to play” – she said in one of the interviews. The Oscar-winner added, “I’m glad to be playing the third act of my life. I loved my adventures, and today I appreciate the opportunity to slow down and look back.”

Her last great performance was the role of the title character in the miniseries “Coco Chanel” (2008), for which she received another Golden Globe nomination. We can also see her in the popular British series “Downton Abbey” and in the movie “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”. We also saw the actress in 2021 in the crime comedy series “Only Murders in the Building.”

We’ll be seeing Shirley MacLaine in three new productions soon. She has already finished filming “American Dreamer”, in which she will star opposite Peter Dinklage and Matt Dillon. Soon the film “People are not places” will be shown, and he also plans to take part in the film “Granite Men”.

She was married to Steve Parker for 30 years. Two years after her marriage, in 1956, she gave birth to a daughter, Saatchi. But she certainly did not create a traditional family. “My relationship with my husband was open. We both had relationships. But we were good friends. I loved freedom, as I love it” – she recalls.

She often emphasized that the marriage lasted for many years thanks to the great freedom she and her husband afforded each other. “I’ve had a lot of lovers, many of them terrible…” McClain confessed, confessing her affairs with Robert Mitchum and Yves Montand. MacLean and Parker divorced in 1982.

Shirley MacLaine: You meet aliens every few days

She and her husband shared a passion for … CIA and NASA research on aliens. “Most of the people I meet around the world think that we are not alone in this universe, but they try not to talk about it publicly because they are afraid of being ridiculed in public. Because they will be poorly received” – the actress wrote in her autobiography.

The Academy Award winner has also admitted to seeing unidentified flying objects and making contact with extraterrestrials. “Today, there is no longer a need to ask whether people have actually seen something that actually exists, but what these unknown flying objects are and why there are so many visits from aliens. We should all be allowed to access confidential data and participate in the discussion on this topic” – I mentioned in one of the interviews. When asked why the fact of the existence of UFOs was concealed, she referred to the deliberate action of the military and governments. “They are not able to trust the public, because they assume that information about aliens will cause fear in the world,” the actress explained.

The actress openly declares that in previous incarnations she was a geisha in Japan, a child raised by elephants or the model of Toulouse-Lautrec, and lived in ancient Egypt, where she was accompanied by her beloved dog Terry. “We spent at least one life with Terry. I was an Egyptian princess then,” the 70-year-old said. Shirley added, “I have a lot of supernatural experiences and have come into contact with people from other planets in China, Russia and Egypt. While in Peru, I have also seen UFOs many times.”

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