Edita Bazura felt like a Bond girl.  She spent the night at the place where the film of the series was filmed.  She is completely naked

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Edita Bazora They spent the night with her husband in a precious stone the hotelWhich looked like a castle from the inside. The dark and atmospheric interiors made Cesare’s wife seemingly want to feel like one of the movie beauties from Movies About James Bond. posted a picture bathtubson which she was completely naked. Description below the photo – “No time to die [nie czas umierać – przyp. red.]

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Edita Bazora showed her home in Masuria

Ewa Wachowicz’s house was built in four months! The views and the cozy interiors are impressive

Edita Bazura in Italy. Felt like a Bond girl?

Edita Bazora She boasted of beautiful pictures of the stone palace. Once from dinner with Caesar, again outside, where she brought herself a mirror and put on her make-up. Back in the air bath. You can see that Cesare’s wife is lying in the bathtub completely naked, with her back to her husband. A candle is lit beside her, which raises Edita in the water with its colors. The caption under the photo indicates that Pazura feels the atmosphere of the area where the latest Bond edition was created.

No time to die [nie czas umierać – przyp. red.] – Bazora wrote under the picture.

Fans encouraged Edita to allow herself to do more:

Come, Idzia, beautiful! We are waiting for more

And among the foams appeared Aphrodite. I envy a wonderful body and climate.

Oh crap but a brave and beautiful picture at the same time. Saar – netizens praised her.

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