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Tax refund – here is the calculation table. You will receive such a tax refund for 2022 [24.03.2023]


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More than four million taxpayers have already filed their tax returns, and a significant portion of them have received their 2022 tax refunds. People who have overpaid tax payments on their tax returns can count on Treasury money. Tax refunds include: full-time and contract employees, retirees, single parents, and families with children. We have a tax refund calculation table for 2022. Check how much money you will get from the treasury! We would like to remind you that tax returns for this year can be submitted until May 2.

Tax refund for 2022 For many Poles, it will be much higher than in previous years. This is the result of the tax changes that occurred last year. Recall, from July 1, 2022. The pre-purchase income tax was reduced from 17 to 12 percent. The lower rate applied to payments made from July, and to settlements from January 1. Therefore, the tax office must return excess tax Millions of Poles.

Informed the Ministry of Finance who will receive Tax refund for 2022. They can count on a transfer from the tax office Full-time and contract employees, retirees, single parents with two children, and families with children.

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They will get a tax refund Full-time employees with salaries from PLN 3,200 to PLN 10,300 and more than PLN 12,800 total. They will also get money from the IRS All contractors. They can also count on transportation retireesWho receive benefits in the amount of PLN 2,500 to PLN 9,300 and more than a total of PLN 12,800.

They will also get a tax refund Taxpayers who benefit from tax preferencesamong others single parents with two children and married couples applying jointly with two children.

we’ve got Tax refund calculations for 2022. We present the amount that you will receive from the tax office. The Ministry of Finance has provided estimates of the amounts that may affect your account! Details in the gallery below.

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The tax refund for 2022 will be made by people who have a tax return Paying excess taxes. The tax office can recover the tax to a bank account taxpayer by postal order or in the work office.

condition Return the overpayment to the bank account It is to report the account number to the IRS in advance. It can be indicated in the statement provided or an update notice can be sent.

Taxpayers who have submitted their tax returns electronically, The tax refund will be received within 45 dayswhile people who have submitted their tax returns in paper form will have to wait for the funds Up to 90 days. However, the Department of Finance makes most transfers within 10-14 days of filing the tax return.

On March 13, the Finance Ministry reported that taxpayers had already filed More than 4 million ads They were prepared by the National Revenue Service (KAS) in the Two e-PIT service. Tax refunds in the amount of PLN 4 billion It has already received more than 2.5 million people. Deputy Finance Minister Artur Sopoy estimates that the Finance Ministry will allocate approximately PLN 18 billion for tax refunds for 2022.

amounts shown in the tables Discounts are not includedTax-free. If you plan to take advantage of a thermal upgrade, rehab, medication, or other exemption, you may get a higher tax refund for 2022 than the calculations show.

According to the Ministry of Finance, there are also people to be reckoned with Additional tax for 2022. Who should prepare for it? The situation mainly affects several sources of income, including counting advances according to the rules of 2021 or exceeding the income limit.

– In the 2022 personal income tax settlement, there will be fewer tax benefits than usual. In 2021, there were about 2 million taxpayers backing up their tax earnings. We estimate that this year it will be about 1.2 million taxpayers, – reported Artur Sopoy, Deputy Minister of Finance.

The additional payment in the annual settlement of these taxpayers will be a refund of the amounts the taxpayer had at his disposal in a greater amount during the year.

from February 15th Taxpayers can file their 2022 tax returns using the e-PIT service. This method can be used by people who are settling on the PIT-37 and PIT-36 models. After logging in, you can complete the allotments and deductions, and then accept the settlement.

This year, taxpayers can donate up to 1.5 percent your taxes to a public benefit organization. So far, it’s been 1%.

There is plenty of time to file your taxes this year. We can file tax returns until May 2nd (Tuesday). Due to the fact that April 30th falls on a Sunday, and May 1st is a holiday, we have two more days to file our 2022 tax return.

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