February 3, 2023


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Do you remember Quinte from the movie “Vabank”? Zofia Charewicz recently turned 79 years old

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When Zofia Charewicz first played Juliusz Machulski, she was 37 years old. More than 4 decades have passed since then. How have you changed an actress In which productions did you participate?

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Interview with the actors of the movie “Wilka Wooda”.

Most know her from the Polish classics. Zofia Charewicz started her career in theatre

In 1996, Zofia Charewicz graduated from the Acting Department of the State Higher School of Theater and film in the boat. Even before graduation, the actress starred in two parts Movies “On Stop” and “The Return of Dr. Von Kniprod”. Only two years later, she made her debut on the stage of the “Wybrzeże” Theater in Gdańsk. Then she moved to Łódź, where she sang in “Nowy” until 1979. In the meantime, she also appeared in front of cameras. During this period, she starred in two polishing Classics. The first of them was the miniseries “Dr EveZofia Charewicz also participated in “Out of the Way”, but none of them brought her real fame.

She starred in the movie “Vabank”. How did her career go?

Later, Zofia Charewicz participated in Vabank by Juliusz Machulski. In it, she played the wife of the main character – Quinto. It was her most important role at the time. After her performance in the Polish classic, the actress has belonged to the theater for years. Jaracz in Łódź and the Polish Theater in Warsaw.

After 2007, she got more big roles. I played. In the image of Mrs. Rosalía from “Czas Honoru”. Then she played in “The Righteous”, “Red Spider”, “Single Woman”. She also appeared as the title character’s grandmother in the production of “I, Olga Hepnarova”.

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