Then the Ukrainians will not be able to defend themselves

Former US military commander General Mark Milley believes that without Western support, Russia will eventually gain a strategic advantage that will be devastating.

“It will be tragic, because then the Ukrainians will not be able to defend themselves effectively,” the general wrote in an article in the Financial Times.

Milley called on Republicans in Congress to release aid to Ukraine. As the plaintiff noted, the withdrawal of support for Kiev “suggests a fatal blow” to the world order based on principles of law.

The military official believes that part of the problem lies in the fact that Americans recently fought in Afghanistan and Iraq and are “fed up with the ongoing wars.” But he notes that this world order “in many respects has made the United States a very rich and powerful country.” And an effective state.

War forecasts

According to US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, if Ukraine loses the war with Russia, the world will face a war between the Kremlin and NATO in the next few years.

Austin told the House Armed Services Committee that Ukraine's defeat would lead to NATO war with Russia and that Putin “will not stop” trying to “seize the sovereign territory of his neighbors.”

– The Baltic states are very concerned about whether they will be next. They know Putin, and they know what he is capable of. Frankly, if Ukraine loses, I think NATO will be at war with Russia.

The Pentagon chief appealed for more assistance to Kiev. He believes that otherwise NATO “will choose a very dangerous path.” Our allies are concerned about the signal we are sending by saying we do not support Ukraine. It also undermines the morale of the Ukrainian military, Austin said.

He warned that Ukraine's defeat would raise questions about whether “the United States can be considered a reliable ally and partner.”

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