Alexander Lukashenko: We lost Ukraine.  The President of Belarus indicated when the "crushing blow" was delivered.

On July 14, Alexander Lukashenko opened the 31st International Art Festival “Slavic Bazaar” in Vitebsk. The President of Belarus thanked all the organizers and participants in this event.

– We’ve created a really cool global project together. Alexander Lukashenko, whose words were reported by the Belarusian News Agency, Alexander Lukashenko, said that this project connects countries and cultures, shows our common historical choice and our national dignity. “No matter what the West attempts to separate Belarus with an iron curtain, guests continue to come to us,” he continued.

In his speech, the politician referred to the current geopolitical situation. Lukashenko said that in the 1990s, when the first Slavic bazaar was organized, “no one imagined that the Slavic world united with its thousand-year history would be placed in conditions of political and cultural survival.”

– We did not even imagine that Yugoslavia, which was close to us, would disappear from the political map, that the post-Soviet space would plunge into a series of armed conflicts, that the NATO military bloc would expand to the east, scattering the Slavs on different sides of the country, said the President of Belarus. barrier.

In his opinion, the “most cruel blow” was delivered eight years ago, “in the heart of the Slavic world – the Belarusian-Russian-Ukrainian fraternity.”

– No matter how history is turned today, we lost Ukraine long before the start of the special operation. Lukashenko said at the time that its politicians turned their backs on Slavic identity.

The President of Belarus did not mention the event he was talking about eight years ago. Let us remind you that at the beginning of 2013-2014 there was a so-called European field. The protests in Ukraine began over the non-signature of an association agreement with the European Union by the then President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych. In 2014, Russia also annexed Crimea and war broke out in the Donbass.

Source: BelTA

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