4 new screenshots from Gothic Remake.  Gomez, the old camp boss, looks great
1 Mark 2024, 18:42

Four new screenshots from Gothic Remake have appeared online. One of them features Gomez, the leader who rules the old camp.

Image source: Alkimia Interactive / THQ Nordic.


It's only been three days since we last saw each other in Górnicza Dolina… that is, since studio Alkimia Interactive and THQ Nordic released the tenth concept art for the Gothic monster Remake, depicting a fiery demon. However, there is an opportunity to write about this game again, because CD-Action Magazine published Today exclusively 4 new shots. You can watch it below.

Gomez costume gothic remake.Source: Alkimia Interactive / THQ Nordic.

Do you know this man? This is of course Gomez, the old camp leader. Must admit, it looks pretty good.

Remake of Gobliny z Gothic.Source: Alkimia Interactive / THQ Nordic.

The same can be said for the orcs we see in the second screenshot, gathered around a small camp. This shot is so interesting that: We can compare them with those depicting these creatures Concept art. This gives an idea of ​​what other monsters from the game's artwork might look like (so far the aforementioned Fire Demon has been shown, as well as the Fire Lizard, Mud Snake, Skeleton Witch, Hook, Mole Rat, Vampire, scavenger And the goblin.

The gate near the Exchange Square has a Gothic version.Source: Alkimia Interactive / THQ Nordic.

The basement of the old camp castle from the neo-Gothic version.Source: Alkimia Interactive / THQ Nordic.

The last two screenshots show: the gate near the exchange plan (guarded by Ori) and the basement of the castle in the old camp.

We still don't know exactly when we can expect the premiere Gothic remake. The creators are aiming for 2024, but given that we haven't seen gameplay yet (in December 2023, it was announced that the show would take place “at some point”), and all of the material provided – except for the artwork – comes from the beginning of the game, you could have Concerns about this. Production is coming to PC, PS5, and XSX/S.

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