War in Ukraine.  Massive drone strike on Odessa

Russia has been attacking Ukraine for several days. This time the target was Odessa

Russia attacked Odessa using drones. After the attack, part of the city remained without electricity due to the targeting of energy infrastructure facilities. There are also issues with water availability in some areas. Due to fear of further attacks, an air raid warning was announced. This is the second attack in a few days.

That Russia attacks a Ukrainian city Odessa It happened on the night of Sunday to Monday. while raid – According to city authorities – they were used Attack drones Launched from the area Black Sea. Their main target was energy infrastructure facilities.

In Odessa, some residents live without electricity

According to the Ukrinska Pravda website Part of the city without electricityWhich causes great difficulties. Children are accepted into kindergartens, but the facilities do not provide them with food because there are no means to prepare it.

In addition to the damaged energy infrastructure, there is also… Water supply problems.

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Ukrainian air defense warned of a high probability of another Russian air attack from the Black Sea. So the Odessa authorities announced Anti-aircraft alarm.

Large-scale attack on Ukraine

This is the second attack within a week. On the night of Saturday to Sunday, the Russian side carried out a raid ZLarge-scale attack on Ukraine with assistance 19 cruise missiles and seven attack drones.

It was one of the places that was bombed Lviv region. The head of the authorities of this region, Maxim Kozicki, said that the target of the attacks was “vital infrastructure.” After the bullets fell, a fire broke out.

Attacks were also carried out Kyiv. For this The fragments of the missile fell To the forest ridge in the Desniańska district and in the Shevchenkova district in the park and city buildings. Damage was found to the facade of a multi-storey residential building, but there was no fire there.

On Sunday morning, Ukrainian media reported that this had happened Another attack on the Lviv region Within one day. According to reports, sounds can be heard from within the area Explosion sounds. Similar events have also been reported in Ivano-Frankivsk region In the west of the country.

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