February 1, 2023


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The war in Ukraine.  Series of explosions in Perdyask.  Unofficially: explosions at the Russian air base |  News from the world

The war in Ukraine. Series of explosions in Perdyask. Unofficially: explosions at the Russian air base | News from the world

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The explosions were reported by both Viktoria Galicina, head of the city’s military department, and Petro Andrushchenko, advisor to Mariupol’s mayor. However, it is worth emphasizing that none of the officials are in Berdyansk.

According to the Wiktoria Galicyna website, three powerful explosions occurred in the city on Thursday, followed by dozens of smaller ones. As I mentioned, it was supposed to take place at the air base that the Russians occupied. Then it should have been noticed Fire. Petro Andrushenko, in turn, wrote that “something very big” had exploded. He added that he heard explosions in nearby villages. Andrushenko also wrote that after the third series of explosions, “panic broke out among the collaborators.”

CNN confirmed that these reports were not commented on by the occupation authorities in the region.

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The war in Ukraine. The Kremlin hides information about losses

Meanwhile, the Kremlin hides information about the losses incurred in the war in Ukraine and cracks down on soldiers who refuse to go to the front. According to independent Russian media, about 100,000 soldiers of Putin’s army were killed, captured or wounded during the invasion of Ukraine. Those who escape from the front are held in special camps. Russian websites also reported cases of deserters being shot.

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A court in St. Petersburg blocked access to 10 portals that published information about losses suffered by Putin’s army during the war in Ukraine. The list of censors included, among others, the anti-war Stop warwho reported vandalism in Russia. Also banned are internet channels: disgusting bribers – posting pictures of Russian soldiers fighting in Ukraine – and a news site Ukraine Now: news, war, Russia.

The Medusa portal stated that the Russian military prosecutor had received a request from the Pskov administration to clarify the fate of about 300 soldiers who refused to participate in the war. According to their relatives and colleagues, they are being held in special camps in Donbass.

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