The beginning of the end of the “golden age” of the West

The Polish Prime Minister continues his official visit to the United States. On Thursday, the politician met with the Atlantic Council think tank at the US Atlantic Council headquarters in Washington.

The prime minister spoke about Polish-American relations and Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine.


Participation of Poland and the United States in the reconstruction of Ukraine

In his speech, Mateusz Morawiecki noted that Ukraine’s defeat on the front “may be the beginning of the end of the ‘golden age’ of the West.” In his opinion, the victory of Ukraine is a guarantee not only of reconstruction, but also of strengthening economic power with the participation of the Ukrainian side.

Poland knows Russia very well. We have been in wars for centuries, so we know what to expect from a country that not only respects the lives of Ukrainians, but also its citizens. Ordinary rationality does not apply here. The Kremlin War This is a war between Russia and the West. In this context, Poland wants to become the basis of European security. Our neighbors in the West were the first to make a big mistake in close energy cooperation with Russia, the head of the Polish government said, and now their attitude towards Ukraine is different from that of the United States or Poland. – Poland needs the United States, but the United States needs strong European allies who value transatlantic cooperation.

deterrent force

The Prime Minister emphasized that the Polish government is increasing defense spending, and this year it has reached 4 percent. gross domestic product. As he pointed out, this is one of the highest levels among NATO member states. – We are buying new Abrams tanks, F-35 combat aircraft and missile launch systems, – the politician noted.

– Poland is located on the border of two civilizations colliding, but it did not break us, but rather made us more resilient. Poland has become a leader in our region. We want peace, but military victory alone is not enough. We need a new plan to rebuild Ukraine and the entire region. NATO is the key to the security of the free world. ‘Together, we are so strong that we may never have to fight,’ said Moraviki, ‘and that is why cooperation within NATO must be strengthened.

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