Will Jordan Peele deal with the legend of the white cowboy?  He is working on a documentary series
Jordan Peele plans to change collective ideas about the Old West. The director is working on a documentary series whose hero will be a black cowboy.

Jordan Peele will talk about black cowboys

Jordan Peele is working on the untitled series with Keith McWhirter, who will serve as showrunner, director and executive producer. The creators want to engage in discussion with the myth of the white cowboy, and at the same time develop threads from the film “No!”. In the official description we can read:

The documentary will rewrite an essential part of American history, exposing the forces that erased the identity of the black cowboy in the formative years of the United States and today. These real-life cowboy tales will take viewers on an exciting journey that connects to the heart of the resurgence of black cowboy culture that we see today in music, art, fashion and film.

The three-episode project is being created for the Peacock platform. It will also be the first documentary produced by Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions.

“no!” On the podcast I have some comments

Currently, Jordan Peele’s filmography ends with the sci-fi horror film “No!”. We remind you of the podcast episode I have some comments in which Julia Tacznowska and Jakub Bubilecki talked about:

What’s the “no” about? Watch the trailer

Hollywood rancher O.J. (Daniel Kaluuya) and his sister Emerald (Keke Palmer) live on a sprawling ranch in Southern California. After their father’s death, they become witnesses to unexplained phenomena. He and a former child star (Steven Yeun), an emcee at the amusement park next door to the family farm, obsessively try to capture their source on camera. Their actions soon lead to terrifying consequences.

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