On the steps of the Capitol, Halle Berry announces her menopause

Halle Berry is open about menopause, and she’s taking action, too.

• Read more: United States: Halle Berry and Senators Seek Funding to Study Menopause

The 57-year-old actress joined a panel of senators to introduce legislation that would allocate $275 million for research and education in the field of menopause.

“I’m going through menopause, okay? Shame should be removed from menstruation. We need to talk about this completely normal part of our lives,” he declared.

Pointing out that this phase of life, which every woman over fifty goes through, is still taboo, Halle Berry added: “Our doctors can’t say a word to us, let alone accompany us throughout our journey”.

star Catwoman Before discovering she was in perimenopause, she was misdiagnosed with herpes.

Halle Berry is one of the many celebrities who are open about menopause. Drew Barrymore invested in menopause telemedicine company Everno, while Naomi Watts founded Stripes, a company that offers complete menopause solutions such as vitamin supplements and moisturizers.

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