Shootout in an American supermarket.  There are many victims

Leo Kosinski, a local police officer, said that after receiving the report, the officers entered the store and found several dead and injured. He added that the police have not yet been able to confirm the exact number of dead, but most likely it was less than ten people.

The body of the attacker, whose identity has not yet been confirmed, was found in the store, according to The New York Times, citing police.

A police source told ABC News that the attacker was most likely a store employee, a manager who entered the break room and shot other employees before taking his own life.

Chesapeake City officials urged residents to stay away from the store and allow law enforcement to operate.

One resident told CNN that her mother texted her from inside the store during the shooting, warning her that someone had opened fire. The woman said: “I’m crying, I’m shaking.” Fortunately, her mother is doing well, but she is still in shock.

Source: CNN, New York Times, ABC News

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