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Days Gone's director blames the game's poor reception on progressive reviewers

Days Gone’s director blames the game’s poor reception on progressive reviewers

December 9, 2022, 00:10

It’s been a while since Days Gone was released, but the game’s director, John Garvin, still can’t come to terms with the mediocre reception of his work. This time he blamed it on… the progress of the reviewers.

Image source: Bend Studio

And the

Bin Studio Referred to Comments on John Garvin. The team distanced them from calling it the director’s own opinions Days passed (He is currently developing his own business). The company is proud of the achievements of the team responsible for it Days passed And thanks to every developer for the work done. She is also grateful to the gaming community for their support.

Days passedWhile it wasn’t a bad game, it didn’t win the hearts of gamers and reviewers, who agreed that Bend Studio’s production could at most be considered “average” better with an average rating of 71/100 on the site. Metacritic (PS4 version).

Even though it’s been several years since its premiere, John Garvin, the game’s director, still can’t seem to come to terms with its reception. In a Twitter discussion between himself and a fan of the title, Garvin blamed the poor reception of the match on… Progressive Reviewers.

Politics and games

The former Bend Studio member responded to a comment from a gamer who expressed surprise Days passed It is not properly estimated. This was admitted by a player who, after reading the reviews, was expecting a match that was not bad at best Days passed It surprised him positively.

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In response, John Garvin was included Three reasons contributed his opinion to this situation (Across VGC):

Days Gone's director blames the game's poor reception on progressive reviewers [Aktualizacja] Illustration number 1

Three reasons:

1) [Gra – dop. red] It had technical issues like bugs, streaming, and frame rate.

2) It had reviewers who didn’t even bother to turn it on.

3) And thirdly, it had progressives [ang. woke – dop. red] Reviewers who couldn’t get over a white biker staring at his girlfriend’s ass.

Garvin used the term “wake up,” a term for people with progressive views, aware of social inequalities, such as racism or sexism.

At the same time, in this context, the use of the term should be read as an attempt to reduce the competence of the reviewers, who, according to Garvin, prefer political opinions to reliability.

The developer’s statement was not received positively, and was even seen as looking for blame everywhere, but not on oneself.

John Garvin, a well-known journalist, responded Jason Schreyer.

Let’s add that on his Twitter profile, Garvin uses limited visibility of posts – only followers approved by him can view them.

Garvin is not backing down

This isn’t the director’s first unpopular statement Days passed. a year ago Loudly It got it when Garvin admitted that if gamers really love the title, they should pay full price for it at launch.

In addition, the developer said that the publisher should not be surprised that it decided not to continue with the series if the game was purchased on sale.

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Gamers quickly responded to John Garvin’s statement, acknowledging that they could purchase a premiere title at full price, if each came out in good technical condition and there was no need to wait for post-launch patches.