Eva Kylie and Corruption.  Media: Kayla's partner confessed

New information about Eva Kayla – former Vice President of the European Parliament – emerged on the morning of Friday 16 December.

Reuters reports that the political partner – Francesco Giorgi – He admitted to being involved in a corruption scandal involving Qatar. Reuters confirmed this information in two independent sources.

Giorgi’s involvement in the corruption scandal, in which Kylie was destined to play the main role, was previously reported by the newspapers “La Repubblica” and “Le Soir”. According to the unofficial results, partner In this way he wanted to “cleanse” the former vice-president of the European Parliament allegations and suspicions.

One of the agency’s sources said:Giorgi had to admit to accepting bribes In exchange for pressure in favor of Qatar in the European Parliament.

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Eva Kylie was fired from her position on Tuesday, December 13th. “The European Parliament voted to dismiss the Vice-President of the European Parliament The Greek MEP is involved in a bribery scandal with Qatar Eva Kylie– wrote Dorota Bawołek, Polsat News’ correspondent on Twitter.

As she added, she spoke “about” such an outcome to the Vice-President of the European Parliament 625 of the 628 EU politicians vote.

Eva Kylie was arrested on Friday 9 December in connection with an ongoing corruption investigation involving the authorities Qatar. Bags full of money were found in her home.

Among the detainees Kayla’s father, partner and parliamentary aide. He was also arrested Luca Visentiniwho was recently elected General Secretary of the International Trade Union Confederation as well Pier Antonio Panziriformer Member of the European Parliament who chaired the Parliamentary Subcommittee on Human Rights.

The Belgian daily Le Echo reports that the money seized in the bags found at Kayla’s home has not yet been accounted for. According to newspaper information The amount is six digits. Another suspect was found at the home Friday morning 600 thousand in cash in euros

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