Chang’e 6. Launch of a Chinese mission to the dark side of the moon

A few years ago, the Chinese carried out a rapid mission to the Moon (Chang’e 5), the goal of which was to obtain regolith and deliver it to Earth. He came from the bright side of the Silver Globe. Just like the previous samples. However, no one has yet provided material for research from the dark side. China has undertaken this difficult task as part of a project called Zhang 6.

The Chang’e 6 mission is unique and is scheduled to launch on May 3. If all goes according to plan, the large Długi March 5B rocket will carry the ship into space, around noon in Poland, which will then head towards the Silver Globe. The launch window will continue From 11:17 to 12:18 our time. Preferred start time is 11:27. The broadcast, which can be watched below, will begin at 10.30.

The launch will take place from the Wenchang Satellite Launch Center in Hainan Province. The Długi March 5B rocket with the payload is already standing vertically and waiting for the mission to begin.

The purpose of the Chang’e 6 mission is Sampling the dark side of the moon (i.e. the invisible part of the Earth) and then Deliver them to Earth for research. So far, no agency has been able to do this, and the China National Space Agency wants to be the first to implement such a project.

The task is divided into stages i It will last 53 days. In comparison, the Chang’e 5 satellite lasted only 23 days. This time, the matter is more complicated and the Chinese need more time. Although they have already gained experience exploring the dark side of the moon Chang’e mission 4 A few years ago, allowing a lander and a small rover to be placed on the surface of the silver sphere, which is not visible from Earth.

The ship intended to carry out the Chang’e 6 mission consists of four basic components. here they are Lunar orbiter, lander, surface reentry vehicle, and atmospheric reentry module Land.

The lander will be placed on the surface in the Apollo basin, where it will then collect samples. Chinese They want to get up to 2 kg of regolith. The ascent vehicle will then deliver them to lunar orbit, and from there the journey back to Earth will begin. If everything goes according to plan, the material will reach our planet in the second half of June.

China is showing increasing interest in the moon, as we have seen in the past few years. The Middle Kingdom even plans to build a facility on the surface of the Silver Globe, where people will stay. Recently, the technical vision for such a station was demonstrated and there was a small mishap.

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