Szczepan Tvardukh: “Green Borders” arouses my opposition

As many as 425,194 viewers watched “The Green Border” in cinemas just 10 days after its premiere in Poland. The film, which was honored with a special award at the Venice Film Festival, was named the best opening for a Polish film in 2023, and has a chance to become the audience leader among domestic titles this year.

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“Green border” was criticized by Tvardukh. “How is this possible?”

Szczepan Twardoch reviews the film, which received rave reviews from critics. Respected writer, author, among others, Crolla and Morvina, in a column in the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza, notes that it is difficult to comment negatively on the production during the “scandalous attack of PiS officers.” He adds, “All the allegations made by Law and Justice Party politicians are fundamentally incorrect.”

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