The green arrows in Caroini disappear

– With the reconstruction of intersections as part of the expansion work Carvina intersectiona map The green arrows disappear at intersections. The renovation was supposed to improve traffic, but it will cause more traffic jams – says reader, Mr. Wojciech. – This is just an adjustment of the signs in accordance with the applicable regulations – explained Gdynia City Council officials.

The widening of Karwini Junction has been causing problems with efficient travel in this area for several months. Everyone is waiting for the end of the work, scheduled for November 3, 2023 (although fewer and fewer people believe in this date), because then things will be better. But will it be so? One of the readers of, Mr WojciechAnd he is convinced that not at all.

– It is already clear that the green arrows are being removed at all intersections with Wielkopolska, from Górnicza to Nowodworcowa. This causes huge traffic jams because drivers stand with their turn signals on, nothing is moving, no one is walking, and they cannot turn. The renovation was supposed to improve the comfort of our trip, but it will likely reduce it because we will be traveling longer – says Mr. Wojciech.

The Carvina node grows and the green arrows disappear

In fact, at intersections where work is completed and new signals are built, there are no longer green arrows. Most of them won’t be there anymore.

– According to applicable regulations, a signal allowing a right turn, i.e. the so-called “green arrow” with a green signal cannot be displayed at a bicycle crossing. Hence the changes in the currently reconstructed intersections within the Karvini intersection – he explains Agata GrzegorczykGdynia City Council spokesman.

Some green arrows will remain

But officials confirm that the green arrows will remain green at some intersections. Although it will glow for a shorter period.

– The mere presence of a bicycle crossing does not always lead to the necessity of removing the “green arrow”, because sometimes there are moments in the signaling program when this signal can be displayed without bumping into the signal at the bicycle crossing. This is the case, among other things, at the entrance across the street. Brzechwy, at the intersection with ul. Chwaszczyńska, where the green arrow remains, but its display time is certainly limited. Currently, the S-2 signal is displayed there only when the green signal is received by vehicles turning left from the Tricity bypass, pedestrians and cyclists crossing the ul. Brzechwy has a red signal at this time – adds Agata Grzegorczyk.

  • The investment in roads amounts to approximately PLN 102 million.
  • It includes rebuilding intersections and facilities for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians.
  • A single-storey Park&Ride car park with a capacity of 140 spaces will be built near PKM Gdynia Karwiny.
  • It will also accommodate at least 50 bicycles.
  • There will be 600 meters of cycle paths and 3 km of bus lanes in the area.

Karvina Junction: more information

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